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SMART-based task setting is binding to fixed dates, metrics and parameters. By setting a goal in such manner, you make it specific, and you put it into a framework which should be observed.
15 April 2019   •   3 min read
The opposition of Agile and Waterfall is not as much theoretical as it is practical. The choice of methodology that does not fit your project will, in the best-case scenario, slow down its development...
15 April 2019   •   8 min read
Kanban is the practice which helps to succeed with no necessity to use only agile methods. Significant changes are achieved through eliminating time losses, due management of narrow spaces with reduction of variability.
12 April 2019   •   12 min read
Planning is the foundation on which any project is built. The stronger it is, the greater the likelihood that the project will be successful. This is the reason for the project management plan that consists...
20 May 2019   •   10 min read
It cannot be deployed hurriedly, by an inexperienced team, within a short period of time,  but when introduced, Agile will improve the interaction between IT and businesses, it will prompt product release into the market, and it will add product value for the end consumer. 
20 May 2019   •   13 min read
Waterfall is a methodology used for quite a long time, and whatever criticizers say, it is efficient in numerous cases.
16 May 2019   •   8 min read
The way is always individual, and it depends on many factors, such as the industry and market segment, target audience, product or service itself, priority, and competitive difference of the company.
16 May 2019   •   18 min read
Scrum meetings not only synchronize team activities, they also assist in solving problems, they rally employees, teach them to set feasible tasks and to be pu
15 May 2019   •   9 min read
Successful project management is a combination of skillful planning, diligent control and smart team management.
30 April 2019   •   15 min read

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