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In recent years most companies have significantly changed their working environment. Pandemia, remote work and increased requirements to business efficiency push companies to searching for new solutions...
24 January 2020   •   8 min read
Irina Shadeyko is a Brand Manager of Danone Nutricia in Ukraine. Irina’s team is in charge of brand development of Nutrilon, a breastmilk and baby milk porridge substitute.   About Danone Nutricia...
15 February 2021   •   4 min read
In this case, a thumbnail of a picture added to the task title makes it easier to perceive information visually and find the necessary task faster.
30 August 2020   •   2 min read
Kanban board is a project layout which features tasks in the form of cards moving across phases of project execution.
19 April 2019   •   2 min read
PM school
Kanban is the practice which helps to succeed with no necessity to use only agile methods. Significant changes are achieved through eliminating time losses, due management of narrow spaces with reduction of variability.
11 April 2019   •   12 min read
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