# Kanban

Greetings from the Worksection team!​​​ ​​​​​​​​ We are pleased to announce the release of our spring update for Kanban. We have enhanced the existing features and added the ability to customize the tool...
25 April 2024   •   5 min read
Vadym Nevmerzhytskyi, co-founder and CTO of shema.team agency, shared how Worksection helps to control the work of the PPC specialists team. About the company The name shema.team was born out of the structured...
22 March 2024   •   2 min read
PM school
Worksection's internal analysis has shown that 16% of new customers have chosen our service over the past year when they were looking for an alternative to Trello. In this article, we would like to analyse...
11 March 2024   •   6 min read
PM school
In recent years most companies have significantly changed their working environment. Pandemia, remote work and increased requirements to business efficiency push companies to searching for new solutions...
24 January 2020   •   8 min read
Irina Shadeyko is a Brand Manager of Danone Nutricia in Ukraine. Irina’s team is in charge of brand development of Nutrilon, a breastmilk and baby milk porridge substitute.   About Danone Nutricia...
15 February 2021   •   4 min read
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