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Communications within an organization serve at least two inseparable purposes. On one hand, without comfortable interaction, it is impossible to create a harmonious internal team environment. On the other...
29 March 2024   •   11 min read
Vadym Nevmerzhytskyi, co-founder and CTO of shema.team agency, shared how Worksection helps to control the work of the PPC specialists team. About the company The name shema.team was born out of the structured...
22 March 2024   •   2 min read
You occupied the Product Owner position in two companies: OSD Group and later GeniusMarketing. How many employees worked for the companies and what is the specific nature of GeniusMarketing’s operation...
1 February 2021   •   3 min read
The second part of the postquarantine update, which will tell you about the changes that will help to work with your projects even easier!
7 July 2020   •   4 min read
The leader and founder of Technologies Improving the World, an innovations company, Alexander Konovalov, is speaking about inevitable continuous improvement. About TIW: DROTR, the first video call service...
24 November 2019   •   4 min read
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