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Shema.team about Worksection for Digital/Target/PPC specialists

Vadym Nevmerzhytskyi, co-founder and CTO of shema.team agency, shared how Worksection helps to control the work of the PPC specialists team.

About the company 

The name shema.team was born out of the structured nature of the work we do and our love of using spreadsheets. That is why the name reflects the "schematic" way of the agency's work.

Our clients are mostly e-businesses from Ukraine and overseas. We make advertising and automation for them. We also work with other projects that are interesting for us.

The beginning of the company's development was in 2018, together with the business partner. Now the team consists of 12 people.

"We immediately got along with Worksection" 

The main request during the search at that time ( it was 2018 ) was the convenience of the tool from a UX point of view. Both my business partner and I had already had experience with a number of task managers. Unfortunately, they were all quite disappointing, some of them were literally a hassle to use. 

I had experience with Trello. The system is more straightforward and more suitable for simple tasks.

Why did you choose Worksection?

We liked Worksection for its Kanban board, ability to upload tasks via CSV, time tracker and comments. We also wanted to work with a Ukrainian product. 

Importing tasks via CSV to Worksection

Therefore, we chose Worksection and have been using it since July 2018.

Working with Worksection and Google Sheets

We create a separate Google Sheet for the project. There we make a plan of the tasks for the month, add the estimated time, assignee, and a description of the task with its typing. The API automatically uploads this to Worksection, where the assignee can see their workload on the Kanban board.

Displaying Worksection project tasks by people

About time tracking and reporting

We always use task tracking to maintain internal efficiency. We upload data to a google sheet so that we have an awareness of the workload and who we can potentially assign a new project to. 

Worksection reporting by people

What is the value of Worksection for you?

The value of Worksection is that I am able to understand how much we have spent, either in terms of resources or money, on a particular project. 
I can highlight the capabilities of the Worksection API at the same level of importance. Because it absolutely covers all our needs.

"If you want to do something properly, you need a task manager"

I use Worksection to control tasks: whether the task has been completed, what has been done, what comments have been added, whether it has been written correctly from a technical point of view. So Worksection helps when you need to control not only yourself but also your employees. 

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