Business management

Projects management

Process control

Task management

Work on a task

File management


Business planning

Users management

Business managementBusiness management
Activity overview for all members across all projects Overdue tasks Project list News feed Your company name and logo Personal menu
Projects managementProjects management
Project overviewProject overview Filter panel View Live search Project card PM and deadline Progress and resources Project note
Process control
Project overview and member activityProject overview and member activity Hotlist Project news feed Add new task Project menu Project name Project members Project description
Task managementTask management
All tasks, subtasks and commentsAll tasks, subtasks and comments Live search View and Filters Subtasks Task Overall progress Task Progress Progress Responsible Add new task
Work on a task
Detailed task view with subtasks and comments Task menu Comment Attached files Subtasks Subscribers Your comment
File managementFile management
All project filesAll project files View Create and Upload New File Preview View and sorting File description Live search
Key dates for all active projects View and Filter Task finish Employee's birthday
Business planning
Gantt chart View and Filter ← Timeline → Tasks tree Task dependence "finish > start" Task dependence "start > start"
Users managementUsers management
Companies, groups, team members, clients and contactsCompanies, groups, team members, clients and contacts Invite View and Filters User card Live user search Privacy settings Sorting and Filters

Activity overview for all members across all projects

  • Overdue tasks
  • Tasks due soon
  • Event journal
  • Project list

This is the page that you see as soon as you log in. It allows you to quickly assess the state of your projects. This page shows information about the last 5 events of every active project. It also displays tasks that are due soon and overdue tasks, if there are any. The right column shows the list of all active projects.

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Project overview

  • Project list
  • Progress and spend
  • Project notes

This section gives an overview of all active projects in a compact and informative format. The progress, timelines, owners, members and expenditures are all visualized. You can also grant access to archived projects here. The notes are designed for internal use and are visible to project administrators only.

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Project overview and member activity

  • Priority tasks
  • Event journal
  • Project progress
  • Project members

This is the project’s main page. You can see all the project events in chronological order. Worksection will notify you of any overdue tasks and will create a list of tasks that are due soon. In the right-hand column you can see the project start and finish dates, the completion percentage, as well as cost and time spent. In addition to this, you can see all the people and companies involved in this project.

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All tasks, subtasks and comments

  • Task list
  • Priorities and deadlines
  • Custom filter
  • Action panel

This screen shows all project tasks. There is a choice between an overall task list and a list of tasks per person. You can customize the level of detail displayed. Completed tasks can be hidden. Tasks can be filtered and sorted using a convenient tool. Additionally, mass task editing is available so you can reassign tasks, change priorities, deadlines and anything at all in seconds.

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Detailed task view with subtasks and comments

  • Task description
  • Comments
  • Subtasks
  • Subscribers

This is the page where work on a task is carried out. A wide array on information is in view: “owner, author, start, finish”, tags, attached files, actual and forecasted costs, as well as any repetitions planned (if this is a recurring task). Comments are located under the task. You can find the subtask block on the right, underneath it, you can see a list of those involved in this task. It’s also easy to subscribe (and unsubscribe) members to an email list with all notifications and updates which relate to the task.

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All project files

  • Image viewer
  • File editing
  • Mass operations

The page contains all of your project’s files. Not only can you view images, but you can also instantly edit documents using Google Docs. You can upload files from your computer and from Google Docs alike. Creating shared .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files is also simple.


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Key dates for all active projects

  • Key dates
  • Birthdays
  • Google calendar sync
  • Deadlines

All project start and finish dates will appear in this calendar. You can drag and drop any event to a different date. It synchronizes with Google Calendar easily. The team’s birthdays are highlighted in a separate color.

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Gantt chart

  • Project planning
  • Deadline visualization
  • Task interconnectivity

This is a convenient visual project planning and deadline control tool. Each project, task and subtask is given corresponding length of time. You can change the time lengths easily by using the sliders. The Gantt chart also allows you to connect “start-to-start” and “finish-to-finish” tasks

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Companies, groups, team members, clients and contacts

  • Groups and team members
  • Client companies
  • Access management
  • Full contact database

On this screen, you can view and edit companies’ access, add new groups and invite new members to join the project. You can manage the access for all your team members and clients. This section can also be used as a visual contact database with a handy search feature.

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Иннокентий Скирневский
Евгений Кудрявченко
Надежда Плахова
Денис Иванов
Андрей Кучеренко
Андрей Барашко
Александр Кайданник
Роман Катеринчик
Юрий Герасименко
Юрий Лукашевич
Казбек Елекоев
Зверев Алексей
Марина Дементьева
Андрей Ярошенко
Миронюк Евгений
Евгений Гаврилин
Елена Галак
Артем Волхонский
Александр Мара
Игорь Степахин
Антон Воронюк
Дмитрий Копацкий
Влад Деев
Елена Назаркина
Антон Доломан
Юрий Артюх
Екатерина Чаликова
Владимир Виеру
Ходов Антон
Андрей Бабак
Сергей Коцюра
Денис Быковский
Евгений Соловьев
Владимир Чулин
Дмитрий Шанюк
Антон Игоревич
Алексей Кнороз
Юлия Самодурова
Павел Губарев
Даниил Шарапов
Андрей Казанцев
Борис Батуринец
Юрий Авдеев
Станислав Подшивайло
Дмитрий Баскаков
Владимир Назаренко
Файн Дмитрий
Максим Ярошенко
Юрий Уханов
Юрий Зырянов
Роман Рыбальченко
Саватеев Дмитрий
Дмитрий Кот
Павел Петриков
Данил Заречнев
Михаил Амелин
Николай Корецкий
Виталий Шендрик
Уласень Дмитрий
Полонский Александр
Константинов Виталий
Михаил Хейна
Маргания Ираклий
Денис Осадчий
Ольга Глушанкова
Алаев Александр
Дмитрий Симберёв
Дмитрий Карпуничев
Пашигрев Александр
Дмитрий Хоружко
Ипатко Евгений
Дмитрий Потиха
Виталий Попов
Иванов Александр
Мария Ракитина
Антон Скуратович
Павел Щепинский
Павел Косяков
Дмитрий Юнусов
Анна Мининкова
Евгений Некоз
Nick Roust
Олександр Омельчук
Сергей Копылов
Иван Сумкин
Виктор Карпенко
Николай Писецкий
Еременко Наталия
Денис Стамов
Александр Глущенко
Виктор Антонов
Алексей Абабос
Игорь Яворский
Кирилл Сухацкий
Дмитрий Максимов
Александр Михайленко
Екатерина Носова
Сталькин Антон
Феоктистов Дмитрий
Марков Владимир
Олег Фальков
Александр Качур
Фёдор Янышев
Михаил Лепшей
Терёхин Андрей
Виталий Шуляк
Антон Короткий
Динара Исмаилова
Сергей Семидьянов
Алексей Габышев
Зигуля Андрей
Руслан Наурзалин
Денис Волков
Стрелов Александр
Константин Буржуй
Денис Рогачев
Франчук Роман
Герштанский Михаил
Антон Левин
Тигров Сергей
Дмитрий Шурко
Павел Наумов
Владимир Гаркуша
Павловский Антон
Тарасов Сергей
Польдяева Ольга
Наталия Лупандина
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