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The ser­vice is designed for being not only intu­itive­ly com­pre­hen­si­ble, but also aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ant, both on a per­son­al com­put­er and on mobile devices.
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Work­sec­tion facil­i­tates your man­age­ment of per­son­nel, busi­ness process­es, deal­ing with clients, and project plan­ning in one place. Focus on run­ning the com­pa­ny, man­age your staff and doc­u­ment flow and plan vaca­tions and events in a sin­gle system.

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Simple to introduce

Worksection’s clients emphasize the simplicity and intuitive nature of the system which an employee of any profession and of any age will figure out. Our service is used by product companies, digital studios, and state institutions.

On average, companies start fully-fledged activities through Worksection 2 weeks after the system is launched.

Team management

Worksection is suitable both for HR teams and, for instance and for programmers and accountants. Worksection’s versatile nature will contribute to reaching coherence between all company departments in a single system, while the time tracking tools will facilitate supervising the actual duration of your employees’ work.

Thanks to Worksection one project manager can cope with the volume of shooting and post-production of all content from Ukraїner.

Regular tasks

You do not need to deal with daily routines any more. Set tasks in Worksection for repetition on definite days and time. For instance, you can set a task to compile a report at the end of each month.

Safe storage

Worksection offers a convenient file system with documents linked to tasks and a search function. You are no longer required to delve into all computer files – the document concerned will be under a relevant task. The privacy settings will hide data from prying eyes, and two-step authentication and backup will protect the system against intruders.


Checklists facilitate arranging work on large and complicated tasks. Divide a task into stages and cross out the ones you have completed. Attach checklists to a task description or to a comment directly.


Once something occurs in a project — you will receive a notification in the browser, through email or in Telegram. Set the daily morning digest to receive the freshest news from your team before you start your business day.

For example, upon creation of a task, subscribed members will receive notifications in their mailboxes.


The entire task-bound communication goes in the task directly. It is a group chat that contains the whole history of task development: the person appointed responsible executive, the reason for the deadline shift, the content of a client’s message and the manager’s response.

What is more, you can connect to Telegram and duplicate your correspondence in messenger. Worksection also offers a set of reactions.

Project templates

It is a long, and boring process to configure similar projects over and over again. Copy projects with descriptions, timeframes, and links into a new typical project in only two clicks only. Such templates will reduce the time of project development, and the time saved can be spent on refinement of your company’s business processes.

Document flow

In Worksection, you can create a separate project for administrative documents and maintain the company’s document flow safely. Send and receive online documents in the Worksection system where data is reliably saved.  Administrative projects are hidden from minor executives by privacy settings.


We have been working on integrations with other business applications, such as CRM systems, GoogleDocs, Slack, and Telegram. We have open API which enables downloading and uploading data from Worksection.

For example, you can download reports into your financial systems and calculate your employees’ salaries. There are many options for using API. 
API documents
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