Increase Your Sales Figures with Worksection

Work­sec­tion will facil­i­tate your sales process: cre­ate leads based on appli­ca­tions from the company’s web­site, dis­cuss tasks with the client, and cre­ate auto­mat­ic per­for­mance-based reports.
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Com­pa­nies using Work­sec­tion to man­age the sales depart­ment note improve­ment in 
con­ver­sion fig­ures with reduc­tion of the sales cycle. The ser­vice is trust­ed by more than 1000 com­pa­nies, such as Com­fy, Dxrac­ers, Yany­shev etc.!

Trust­ed by 1500+ companies. 
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Everything in a single place

You do not need to track your leads in tables and electronic messages any more. Oversee the state of affairs and discover who needs assistance in achieving task status. It is convenient to track the sales process on the Kanban board where the team can jointly handle tasks.

Contact base

Worksection provides a contact base of employees and clients. It offers fast access to all information about a person: from contact details to tasks bound to a person.

Assign tasks to people from the contact list directly in Worksection.

Using Work­sec­tion has reduced chaos, ensured tasks are no longer lost, and pro­vid­ed the abil­i­ty to plan resources effectively.

Arranging processes

Streamline the sales process with deadlines and priorities for tasks to know the sequence of actions. A well-organized and managed sales process will prompt you regarding tasks which should be completed today and which are already overdue.

Kanban board

Do you prefer Kanban boards? Switch your list of tasks to the Kanban board with one mouse click. This is a convenient way to streamline priorities and move tasks from one stage to another.

Divide tasks by stages and track the work on the boards.

We have been man­ag­ing projects with Work­sec­tion for sev­er­al years. This prod­uct allows us to bring togeth­er var­i­ous spe­cial­ists to work on a sin­gle project.

Reminders and notifications

Worksection will remind you about the upcoming events when the time is due. Set reminders to not forget to call your client or to send a message to project participants.

Configure your daily morning digest to receive fresh news from the team before the business day begins


Worksection automatically generates reports on the criteria of interest, such as time consumption and monetary costs on a definite task, and on the whole project for a given period of time.

The resulting report will help you understand the way your team works and business processes which should be optimized to improve the indicators.

Work­sec­tion has sig­nif­i­cant­ly helped us grow three­fold! Infor­ma­tion is nev­er lost, and projects are com­plet­ed faster. Our clients are also hap­py because they can see the process, which increas­es trust and loyalty.

Regular tasks

You do not need to delve into daily routine any more. Each Worksection-based task can be repeated in cycles – for example, you may set a regular task to generate a report which will be repeated every last calendar day of a month.


Checklists will help you in dealing with large and complicated tasks. Divide your task into stages and cross out the ones which have already been done as the work proceeds.

Attach checklists to the task description or directly to the comment.


We have been working on integrations with other business applications, such as CRM systems, GoogleDocs, Slack, and Telegram. We have open API which enables downloading and uploading data from Worksection.

For example, you can download reports into your financial systems and calculate your employees’ salaries. There are many options for using API. 
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