Task-tracker with built-in time-tracker

If you are a dig­i­tal com­pa­ny, con­sul­tant, SEO agency, or a law firms, and you are work­ing on an hourly mod­el — then Work­sec­tion is an ide­al prod­uct for you. Your team can work with mul­ti­ple projects and clients and track the time. And at the end of the month, you’ll get the detailed time-spent report so you can invoice your client and award your team.
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Time-track­ing will get you knowl­edge of which project needs more peo­ple and which should be charged more, which team mem­ber is over­loaded and which one needs more atten­tion, which client is cost-effi­cient and which one should be avoid­ed in the future. 

Work­sec­tion helps VMLY&R, BBDO, Dentsu Aegis, and more than 1000 oth­er com­pa­nies to run their projects.

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Time tracking and rates

It has become easier to plan your time for a project. While fulfilling tasks, employees enter the real work duration and monetary costs. The hourly rates will build up, thus defining the employees’ salaries based on the data entered. Worksection-based time tracking will show the project marginality and ROI of team members.


Calculate only the real costs! Employees start the timer within the task, stop it upon completion of work, and indicate what has been done. A task may include several timers from different employees. Such tasks display both total time consumption and the time consumed by each employee separately.

Project structure

Divide business processes into tasks and subtasks. You may add descriptions to tasks, set timeframes and priorities, attach checklists from the client, and track time consumed. Each team member can see only the projects on which he/she is involved.


You do not need to delve into the messenger to look for the information you need. Correspond and share files immediately in tasks where the discussion story is stored. The task displays the responsible executive appointed, the reason for shifting deadlines, and the manager’s response to the client. The stickers will help you generate swift responses.

Workload management

What is the way to understand which employees are overloaded and who remains without tasks? Worksection will show the degree of the team’s workload in the form of a list with active tasks of each employee. The actual workload data will make you aware of the available resources which may be used to fulfill new projects.

Kanban board

Kanban visualizes project tasks in the form of a board with stickers and helps employees to promote tasks stage by stage. Once a stage is completed, Worksection automatically switches to new tasks and notifies the responsible executives about it.

Calculating project ROI

Due to the hourly rates and budgeting, you may calculate the time spent on a task, as well as the project cost. It is a time-consuming process to introduce accounting of resources, however, it will contribute to calculating task duration and project costs.

Project reports

Worksection will help you to realize which projects consume the most time and resources, which projects are profitable, and which ones should be put aside. Reports may be exported to XLS for you to view them in Excel tables.

Task reports

View what types of tasks are often delayed and take much time. Reports show if the task complied with the financial plan, and if it was fulfilled within the deadline determined, as well as the amount of resources consumed and the processes consuming them. Such data provides valuable insights into the team’s work.

Clients and subcontractors

Connect your client and contractor to the project and work jointly. The client’s team will be able to track the project status in real time. The user with the Guest role can see only the tasks he/she is subscribed to and where he/she is appointed responsible executive.

Mobile application

Do you need to respond to a message, create a task, or attach a photo, but there is no laptop nearby? Manage tasks through the Worksection application for iOS and Android.


We have been working on integrations with other business applications, such as CRM systems, GoogleDocs, Slack, and Telegram. We have open API which enables downloading and uploading data from Worksection.

For example, you can download reports into your financial systems and calculate your employees’ salaries. There are many options for using API. 
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