On-fly view on long-term projects

Work­sec­tion — a flex­i­ble project man­age­ment tool that helps plan and track projects. Work­sec­tion is a per­fect tool for con­struc­tion com­pa­nies or archi­tec­ture firms that work with mul­ti­ple com­plex long-term projects with lots of subcontractors.
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The ser­vice is intu­itive and sim­ple. The large vari­ety of fea­tures, such as Gantt chart or Kan­ban boards, allows per­fect col­lab­o­ra­tion between your team, sub­con­trac­tors and customers.

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Easy to introduce

Worksection’s clients appreciate the intuitiveness and simplicity of the system, which can be figured out by employees of various professions and ages. The service facilitates the business of IT companies, architectural firms, law enforcement agencies and governmental and educational institutions which Worksection-based projects in 2 weeks on an average.

Project planning

Worksection makes it easy to plan large projects and to track in proper time, who is unable to meet task deadlines and why the project exceeds the initially estimated. Plan more projects, mark executives responsible for processes, track the project status and, set timeframes, budgets, and time consumption.

Gantt chart

The interactive Gantt chart will display all project tasks, timeframes, and responsible executives on a convenient time scale. Set task sequences so that new tasks open automatically after the previous one is completed. Gantt chart will also help you oversee the employees’ workload, set the right timeframes, and discover delays.


Worksection facilitates budgeting of projects and tasks; it will assist you in stating planned project costs and overseeing the actual expenditure. Worksection will also inform you if the project budget is overspent or is about to be exceeded. You can also view costs in the slices ‘by tasks’, ‘by employees’, ‘by tags’.

Workload management

What is the way to understand who is staying idle and who is already overloaded? Worksection shows real workload, and it will help you understand if the team is able to handle one more project. It is also essential to make sure that your employees are not overloaded with work, since it may negatively affect the common spirit of the team, as well as its future performance.


Worksection makes it possible to connect a client or subcontractor to a project and then to enable them to work jointly. Assign the Guest role to the user, and he will see only projects and tasks in which he/she is involved in. All confidential information will be hidden from such user.

Regular tasks

There is no more need to deal with daily routines. Each Worksection-based task can repeat in a cycle. For instance, set a regular task to generate a report, and it will be repeated every last calendar day of the month.

Access from any device

Worksection is available in any mobile application for iOS and Android. It will show you the latest project updates, enable you to set a task, or respond to a comment.


We have been working on integrations with other business applications, such as CRM systems, GoogleDocs, Slack, and Telegram. We have open API which enables downloading and uploading data from Worksection.

For example, you can download reports into your financial systems and calculate your employees’ salaries. There are many options for using API. 
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