Multiple task connections and comment feed optimization

Valeriy Galyant
30 May 2017

Hello, friends! Yet again, we have some great updates for you: this time — we worked hard to meet requests of the big companies. Welcome the possibility of building multiple connections in the Gannt chart as well as the optimization of the lengthy comment feeds.

Multiple Gantt connections

As you already know, there are two basic and the most used connection types in Worksection that determine the starting date of tasks: Start-Start and Finish-Start. However, it had some limitations:

any number of tasks and subtasks can depend on the task. However, the task itself can only depend on one task.
Now, we are pleased to announce that these limitations No Longer exists! And a task may depend on an unlimited number of tasks (with the same type of connection).

Besides that, you no longer be wasting your time setting up the connections for tasks and the subtasks, because we’ve implemented automatic link between them.

Now, wherever a task is moved, all its subtasks would automatically follow it without losing its full length.

Mass change of dates

Changing a task’s Start and Finish in bulk can be done in Tasks or Tasks & Communications with the help of Date tab.

Thanks to the automatic connection of subtasks with the parent task, the setting of a new Start for a task with subtasks became so much easier. All you need to do is to set new Start for your task, and all of its subtasks will follow it automatically. All the relations and dates will not change1. We remind you that the date not only can be changed in this window but you also can move it forward or backward for X days. It also can be cleared. The access to these features is in the header2.

In case, when there is no need to change dates for the entire task but only a change in date for a particular task is required, you can just mark only that task on the list and set the desired date.

new Links for the relations in the standard Date window

Now, when you open a standard window of the date change of a connected task or a subtask, you can see all the information about incoming connections (if there are some).

  1. Expand/ hide information about connections
  2. Break all connections
  3. Go to the view of the visual structure of connections in the Gantt chart
That is all with the connections. Now let’s touch upon a topic that is way simpler and relevant to everyone.

Comment feed

You’ve probably already noticed, but still...

  1. In the header of the Comments feed, there have appeared anchor buttons on today’s and yesterday’s comments (if there are any). This allows to find out if there is any updated information with just one click move to the beginning of today’s or yesterday’s discussion.
  2. There were added month indicators that can help navigate the chronology of events.
  3. Bright time comments dividers are for Yesterday and Today. The feed will be scrolled to them once one of the buttons is clicked1.

new Older comments are automatically minimized in lengthy feeds

There are tasks in which discussions happen so actively and for such a long time that comment feed becomes too lengthy for working comfortably.

We solved this problem. Now, when there are more than 100 comments in a feed, the algorithm begins to hide older comments.

You see avatars of everyone who ever left a comment in the feed1 as well as the time period of when comments were minimized2 (May 2012 ... April 2016). In order to expand all the comments, just click on the time period.

Please note Comments with open checklists and comments marked with a star3, will never «be hidden». They remain visible at all times above the minimized fold. When expanded, they stay in their corresponding chronological places.

Please note: when there are less than 100 comments, no minimization occurs.

new Indicators — New, Today, Yesterday

  1. As earlier, all unread messages are marked with a green icon
  2. Yellow icon will notify that latest comment is from today
  3. Purple icon indicates that the latest comment was yesterday

This way, you can see when and where correspondence occured without clicking on the task itself as well as see in which tasks you’ve read all the comments and in which you haven’t done so yet.

Please note! Indicators of unread, today’s, or yesterday’s comments will appear only if you are subscribed to the task!

Huge thanks to the companies that share with us their user experience, report fails, and offer their solutions. Thanks to you we are constantly improving!

That is all for now, dear friends. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Have a productive work time!

Worksection Team


Reports and Planning

Chyngys Barynov
27 February 2017
Hello, friends! We are ready to tell you about our next update. The main theme is Reports, but there’s also a number of simple and little improvements, so let’s start with them.

Planning improvements

Gantt diagram

Now you can see and edit your estimates1
If you don’t have any estimates yet, you can create them quickly by clicking on Plan2

Task Cost Planning

Whenever you are planning a task budget, you can visualize its correlation to the project’s budget. It helps to understand what resources have been used and what you still have remaining.

The status bar will turn red if the amount is outside the limits.
You can get more information by clicking the mouse at the upper corner of the form.


This is how the Report tab looks now:

1 «Daily» tab was dropped. This view now is simply displayed on the panel.

2 «Invoices» tab is located on the right.

3 You can sort users by a company and a department with the displayed amount.

4 Hovering the cursor over the number will show the exact value, but when you click on it, the Detailed Report will pop up.

5 All the companies and departments’ tabs are initially minimized. With the help of the familiar checkmark icon, the selection can be expanded. The state is remembered, and you don’t have to reconfigure it every time.

6 We added charts so you can visualize the comparison of Plan and Actual over the certain time (will appear only in View> Plan and Actual).

NEW Plan and Actual

In the «View» new option was added: Plan and Actual / Only Actual. That’s what it looks like:

Only Actual — something you are already used to. The report consists of closed tasks and tasks with reported costs. Keep in mind that if for some reasons a task was not closed, it is considered unfinished. The report will not show it.

Plan and Actual new — in this case, a report will show closed and unfinished projects within the selected timeframe. The report would also contain estimates (in additional columns), which will sum up on the bottom panel.

Attention! Everything you see on the screen goes to XLS when exported. That is why when you have View Plan and Actual opened — an exporting report will include actual and new columns with estimates.

Executive upd

In the search area, you can find not only a specific person but also a department or a company as well.

Let’s look at some examples:

Report/ Search by name
That is how the fist page looks like when you enter the Reports tab:

You are now able to analyze not just actual1 but estimates at the same time. Click View
> Plan and Actual and the estimates’ values will show up in separate columns2.

We deleted the columns marked as hot tasks. Instead, we added indicators that let you analyze the current situation and the productivity of your team in greater details:

— hot tasks that are planned but not completed
— tasks completed on time
— some of the tasks were completed but with delay

If you want to find out the meaning of the specific number — click on it to get transferred to the Detailed Report, where every single number will be broken down in more details.

Report/ By Days

From now on, it is not a separate tab but a switch that is located on the right by the View button.

By people > By days > Time — added indicators that allow you to navigate faster «on the spot»:

— a person works over 8 hours a day (overloaded or made a mistake)
— a person works 6,5-8 hours a day (optimal workload)

Attention! Whenever the Time Report gets too long and does not fit the screen, move the cursor on the calendar the same way you drag it over on the Gantt chart.

Report/ Detailed

It used to be called By tasks...However, not just the name has changed.

1 Planned costs are listed next to the name and are quickly edited.

2 Details of the cost can be minimized and expanded separately.

3 You will be able to see all the people with their costs. Click on the profile to see more details.

4 The separate column Date By is an addition to our existing Actual Date. That makes the report easier to understand.

So, let’s find out what is in our report from 20th till 26th of this month and why:

Task 1 — Is open (you can see it’s tagged as a priority) and is in the report due to the 21 Feb’s new costs (the related icon next to the date can be seen in the right column)1.

Task 2 — Is still open (tagged as a priority) and is shown in the report because it is supposed to be closed on Feb 21 at 22:00 (the date is shown in the separate column with the red indicator2).
Attention! When you are in Only Actual view, you will not see this particular type of tasks as well as the previous type. They are not included in the report.

Task 3 —is in the report because it was closed on Feb 23 (in Actual Closing date column3). However, the task was late (you can see the red indicator) and the Date By was Feb 22d (see the date in a separate column).

Task 4 — In the report, because it was closed on Feb 24th and was completed on time (green checkmark4).

Task 5 —Unscheduled task. It is in the report because it was closed on Feb 265. This task does not have a specified time limit (the Date column was empty), that is why checkmark is gray.

Attention! During the extended tasks, the comparison value of Estimates and Costs over the short period of time might be approximate. The best way to get more precise results is to extend the time frame. It happens because Estimates are not spread out along the full length of a task (3 months, for example). So they are always registered in a report on a final day. You won’t have any problems and always get the precise results when working with everyday tasks.

Let’s finish with project’s reports and jump to the account in general.

Here you can find a new type of reports. It turned out to be so useful that we decided to make it "launched."The other tabs got updates as well. They have nicer and easier to understand look, just like the newly introduced Reports inside the project ;-)

Report / General new

The general report helps to indicate how much each member contributes to the team in each project. The report represents a table in which each line of projects come across with the column of members. In each cell, you can see Planned (small and in the corner) and Actual Costs (large and centered).

1 — You can switch among Time/ Money/ Tasks on the top and the bottom of the page.

2 — Red indicator lets you know that the value is exceeded.

3 — Place the cursor on any number and you will find out the exact values. Click on the same number, and you jump to Detailed Report, where you would see how certain numbers are broken down.


Inserting # projects’ tasks into the text

Now you can insert the link nicely in any comment of a specific task or inside the description of the another task. Use # symbol for this purpose the same way you use @ whenever you need to mention a team member.

Inserts such as #task and @mention can work now in instant messaging.

Flexible Daily Digest

In the settings of Daily morning digest, you can find a button slider:

Now you can get task reports according to Executive, Author or executive, or Subscriber.

Dear friends, that is it for today. As always,
we cannot wait to hear your comments and new offers.

Have a productive worktime!
Worksection Team


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