# Gantt chart

We are happy to present the latest update of Worksection. We are evolving together with you, trying to make project management service better, quicker and more convenient, while keeping it simple and...
31 August 2021   •   4 min read
PM school
In recent years most companies have significantly changed their working environment. Pandemia, remote work and increased requirements to business efficiency push companies to searching for new solutions...
24 January 2020   •   8 min read
Hello Friends! We present our next autumn update for you to find something useful for yourselves. Let’s get started… Big profile pictures Many of you asked us to enlarge profile pictures for account members...
24 October 2019   •   5 min read
Greetings, friends! We would like to share several updates with you. Holiday season is ahead with the New Year’s and numerous days off. In order for you to easily plan work during this period, we have...
29 December 2017   •   2 min read
Hello, friends! Yet again, we have some great updates for you: this time - we worked hard to meet requests of the big companies. Welcome the possibility of building multiple connections in the Gannt chart...
29 May 2017   •   4 min read
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