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Activity overview for all members across all projects

What will my company get from this?

Simplicity and flexibility will make your team happy. Finally.

Project owner

You can fully run your business using Worksection. It makes controlling easy, frees your mind, saves you precious time and protects you from unnecessary stress.
  • Project and task management

    Divide your work into projects, tasks and subtasks.
    Create timelines and define your priorities.

  • Planning and controlling

    The calendar and Gantt chart will assist your planning through visual control. Reports and reminders will make forgetting tasks next to impossible.

  • Team organization

    Split your team into groups. Assign administrators and project owners. Invite clients and remote teams to work together.

Your team

Your team members will be aware of their tasks, priorities and deadlines. Our service gives your team structure and speeds up communication.
  • Flexible interface

    Individual users can personalize their Worksection to show only the tasks and events they are involved in.

  • Recurring processes 

    Recurring tasks can easily be made. Daily work plans and daily reports will help your team maintain common ground.

  • Time-tracking

    Users can log how much time or money they spend on their tasks. For 100% accuracy, just use the built-in timer with hourly rates.

Your clients

Your client can set tasks, comment on them and monitor their execution. A transparent relationship is guaranteed to boost your sales.
  • Privacy settings

    You can invite your client into the project, but you'll have control of what information he sees: budgets, profits etc.

  • Client companies

    You can add several client companies and sub-contractors to each project. The client, in turn, can add managers to the project and assign tasks to them.

  • Communication

    All your work can be recorded in the comments section which saves you time and makes your work much more efficient.

Flexibility in project management

Track your tasks in Kanban, find bottlenecks, complete your projects in time and make your workflow for your clients absolutely transparent.

Track time and financial expenses

Using timer will make your work process effective. Expenses tracking offers you full control and possibility to adjust planned expenses without lost resources.

Don't lose anything

Communication via emails and messengers is chaotic. In Worksection the information on projects and tasks is structured and available for all team members.
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12 years on the market
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Active projects Manage your project
Users Work with your team and your clients
Storage Files in one place, Gb
Projects and tasks All your project organize and decomposed into tasks and subtasks. Every task has a responsible, due dates, priority, labels and statuses and to-do list to complete the task. Tasks
Due dates Worksection reminds about all due dates to a person responsible, task author and project manager. And daily project digest will be delivered via email, push or desktop notifications. Due dates under control
Communication Every task has comments feed to discuss the task through completion. It's allow you to structurize your communication and get back to every task much faster then when your trying to merge separate emails on your long email feed. You can also @mention people, react quickly using Emoji or attach files or Google documents. Team communication
Time-tracking, budgets When planning your project - you can set up an estimate costs (time&money) for the projects and tasks. And your team can track and record their time spent on the project using a timer or adding it manually. Hourly rates for every person combined with the timer will get you the actual cost of the project. Time-tracking, budgets
Gantt chart Gantt chart allows you to visually plan and overview the project execution. You can change due dates or set task dependancies on-the-fly. Your employees can sync Worksection calendar with their personal Google calendar or Outlook. Gantt chart
Reports Compare your planned workload and actual results and make adjustments. Print out your team engagement in the project and calculate the bonuses. Compare estimate costs vs actual costs. Reports
Extra security Account owner seal. Daily backup on your server. Linked FTP server to host your sensitive data. Extra security options
Premium support Dedicated account manager, who will help your to set-up your account and guide your through adaptation period. Premium support
Custom domain Your Worksection account can be placed on your corporate domain Custom domain


Files on your server
Reserved copy
Consultations by phone
Account on your domain


50 increase quota
+5 person 20 $/mo.
500 increase quota
+20 Gb 5$/mo.
+ FTP storage
Files on your server
Reserved copy
Consultations by phone
Account on your domain


50 increase quota
+5 projects 5$/mo.
50 increase quota
+5 person 10 $/mo.
50 increase quota
+10 Gb 5$/mo.






no charge
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Thanks to Worksection one project manager can cope with the volume of shooting and post-production of all content from Ukraїner.

Big brands are complex campaigns and multi-level tasks that cannot be planned on a leaflet or in an excel table. As a result, we have come to Worksection.

It’s easier to navigate the tasks. We divide common tasks into subtasks, subtasks — into checklists.

I collect projects in Worksection so that the team knows its tasks, project progress and can share information with each other.

We use Worksection for team planning and project management. When selecting a program we started with such important parameters for us as an intuitive logic, the lack of extra (unnecessary) functionality, convenience, speed and ease of use. Worksection fully meets all of our requirements and significantly simplifies the process of setting, delegating and tracking the execution of tasks.

The project’s work is tied to specific dates and times. It is important for us that people are always aware of what, when and where we will do it.

Worksection not only memorizes all information on projects, but also allows you to analyze the results of the company.

We first implemented Worksection in one department — and that made the reporting process much easier! We forgot about the XLS files and the paperwork that was slowing down the workflow.

Before using Worksection, we tried different options of Basecamp and Megaplan. However, we chose nothing else but this service. It has become a lot easier to track work of the employees and manage business processes and set priorities.

All tasks in terms of project management are marked. Thus, at the end of the project we understand which tasks take time and which places in the plan were weak.

It is always important and convenient for me, as a manager, to know the status of all tasks and to receive timely notifications about all changes.

Worksection has significantly helped us to grow by 3 times! Information is not lost, projects are delivered faster. Customers are happy too — they see the process. This increases trust and loyalty.

With the transition to Worksection, the team became more independent: people set their own tasks, communicate with each other, add groups.

If you don’t fix the tasks in a single interface, you are very likely to miss something. Worksection is an excellent task manager for managing projects in construction.

Through Worksection we will know where the project is going, what to do next and how well we are doing it.

More than 1300 companies use Worksection . Get started!

1300 companies use Worksection