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Plan more projects with Worksection. Use Gantt chart and Kanban boards to organize your projects, get your team onboard and assign tasks and due dates.
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Worksection makes it easy to plan a complex project. Deconstruct it into tasks and subtasks and checklists, set the task's timeframes on Gantt chart, and track the progress and team workload. 

The interface are is really simple, and team onboarding  usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Trusted by 1000+ companies. 
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Organize a project

You may post comments to tasks, set timeframes and priorities and keep track of time and generate reports. The user roles will assist in setting access levels for team members, e.g. access to creating new tasks or to editing.

Worksection ensures a clear structure of business processes: projects are divided into tasks, tasks are split into subtasks.


Do you often look for missing letters from clients? Worksection saves correspondence and files under the task concerned. Correspond with your client within the project’s framework, send files, discuss tasks with your team and share emotions.

What is more, we have stickers for swift reactions!


Data protection

Do you need to keep your projects, tasks, communications, and files confidential? You can define various access levels for team members depending on their duties by using the user roles. The Guest role is designed for subcontractors and freelancers to enable them to see only their tasks.

Time tracking

Does the team meet the project deadline? Set timeframes, and Worksection will remind the employees when they have to submit tasks, and what deadline they have.

Count the time consumption and monetary costs by using the embedded time tracker. 

Gantt chart

The interactive Gantt chart will show all project tasks, timeframes, and responsible executives on a convenient time scale. Set a sequence for your tasks for a new task will open automatically upon completion of the previous one.

Gantt chart will also display the personnel’s load, set the right timeframes and reveal impediments.

Project reports

Worksection will help you understand what projects consume the most time and resources, which of them are profitable, and which ones should be left out. Look at how many tasks have been set for a definite person, how many of them have been done, and how many of them were delayed.

Reports may be exported in the XLS format for viewing in Excel tables.

Clients and subcontractors

Worksection is perfectly suited for dealing with clients and third parties. Add your client’s or subcontractor’s team to the project to set tasks together and to discuss and track your work. Control which projects are within the client’s access to set tasks, which projects can be viewed by the client, and which ones are totally hidden from the client.

Technical support

Do you have any difficulties? Ask any Worksection-related questions in the technical support service chat. On average, our specialists answer within 2 minutes!

Do you want to know more about Worksection’s capabilities? We have prepared a starter guide and training videos. What’s more, we have a regularly updated FAQ section with a convenient search!

Secure storage

Worksection deploys a convenient file system binding documents to tasks, which has search functions. You needn’t delve into all your computer files — the concerned document will be under the respective task. Privacy settings will hide the data from other people, and two-phase authentication with backups will protect you against intruders.

I collect projects in Worksection so that the team knows its tasks, project progress and can share information with each other.

Through Worksection we will know where the project is going, what to do next and how well we are doing it.

The project’s work is tied to specific dates and times. It is important for us that people are always aware of what, when and where we will do it.

Thanks to Worksection one project manager can cope with the volume of shooting and post-production of all content from Ukraїner.

Big brands are complex campaigns and multi-level tasks that cannot be planned on a leaflet or in an excel table. As a result, we have come to Worksection.

We use Worksection for team planning and project management. When selecting a program we started with such important parameters for us as an intuitive logic, the lack of extra (unnecessary) functionality, convenience, speed and ease of use. Worksection fully meets all of our requirements and significantly simplifies the process of setting, delegating and tracking the execution of tasks. 

If you don’t fix the tasks in a single interface, you are very likely to miss something. Worksection is an excellent task manager for managing projects in construction.

We first implemented Worksection in one department — and that made the reporting process much easier! We forgot about the XLS files and the paperwork that was slowing down the workflow.

Worksection not only memorizes all information on projects, but also allows you to analyze the results of the company.

Worksection has significantly helped us to grow by 3 times! Information is not lost, projects are delivered faster. Customers are happy too — they see the process. This increases trust and loyalty.

With the transition to Worksection, the team became more independent: people set their own tasks, communicate with each other, add groups.

It is always important and convenient for me, as a manager, to know the status of all tasks and to receive timely notifications about all changes.

I collect projects in Worksection so that the team knows its tasks, project progress and can share information with each other.

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