What Worksection is made up of

How Worksection will help my company

Worksection is a project management system that helps organize team work on tasks and projects. Affordable and suitable for all types of businesses:

An intuitive interface with Gantt Chart, Kanban, Project Dashboard, built-in timer, possibility for integrations, internal chats and other tools will help keep all tasks under control.

Briefly about Worksection:

  • The Worksection account consists of departments and teams to whom projects and tasks are assigned.
  • Projects can be created by employees with the rights of Owner and Administrator. Employees with User and Guest rights cannot create projects on their own, but only take part in the projects to which they have been invited.
  • All «project teams» consist of people who were invited to your Worksection account.
  • Employees can participate in several projects simultaneously. According to the permissions granted to them, they can see only those projects in which they participate.
  • You can invite clients to the system and assign them their "Client" projects.
  • Each project consists of tasks. Tasks are divided into subtasks (2 levels of nesting) and include manager, team, deadlines, priorities, labels, files and discussion threat.
  • There can be only one Responsible person for the task, but the team of co-performers is unlimited.

Owner of the account has the maximum rights. He/she creates an account, and then other participants, client representatives and partners are invited. Rights and permissions for all account participants can be configured or changed at any time.

Profile and account settings

We recommend that you check and set up your Profile and Account before you begin to work.


All employees have access to their personal profile settings, regardless of their role in the account. To open the settings, click on your photo or avatar in the upper right corner of the system screen and select the Profile section.

First of all we recommend:

  1. add your contact information (First and Last Name, Position and Photo) to make it easier for colleagues to communicate with you;
  2. check your role in the account (Owner, Administrator, User, etc.);
  3. set notifications via Slack, Telegram, Email, Desktop channels;
  4. configure notification types according to each channel;
  5. enable or disable the Morning digest (status of projects and tasks per day).


Account settings are available only to the Owner and Administrator of the entire account with access right “Access to the account settings and payments”.

Access to your Account settings is next to your Profile settings.

First of all, we recommend:

  1. choose a common interface language (each employee can choose a different language);
  2. set working hours and weekends (Saturday-Sunday or Sunday) in the company;
  3. enable or disable Time Accounting, Timer, Finance Accounting *;
  4. enable or disable the ability to generate Invoices.

* We recommend disabling additional features at the beginning of the work, which will greatly simplify the functionality and speed up the onboarding of the team to the system.

Teams and projects

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Tasks and communication

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Notifications and settings

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