Notifications and settings

Receive notifications

Quickly notifications of various events fast helps understand the current status and make necessary decisions. For example, notifications about creating or closing tasks, getting a new comment, etc.

Worksection has the following notification channels:
  • Bell (internal) and Desktop notifications.
  • Email (two-way exchange).
  • Telegram and Slack (two-way exchange).
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android).

In the "Profile" setting you can connect / disconnect channels and types of events for which notifications will be sent:

Select the settings you want to apply to your profile:

Internal messages are available through the Bell and are divided into:

  • Inbox — notifications received by you on various events in the account;
  • Outbox — this is a chronology of your recent actions in the system.

Email and Telegram messages can not only be received for certain events, but also you can respond to them and our system will add this response to the comment of the appropriate task.

You can also integrate your corporate Slack messenger. Its connection and settings can be found in the "Account" settings, in the section  Integration with Slack.

What Worksection is made up of

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