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The dig­i­tal project usu­al­ly con­sist of sev­er­al dif­fer­ent tasks assigned to tech-geeks and cre­ative peo­ple. Work­sec­tion will help you man­age such projects with ease. And because of the built-in time-track­er Work­sec­tion is a per­fect tool for your team if you work on an hourly model. 
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Work­sec­tion will assist you in plan­ning and han­dling projects with sub-con­trac­tors and clients, track­ing dead­lines and cre­at­ing detailed reports on tasks done, and time consumed.

Work­sec­tion helps VMLY&R, BBDO, Dentsu Aegis and more than 1500 oth­er com­pa­nies to run their projects.

Trust­ed by 1500+ companies. 
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Worksection is visually simple and logical. Due to this feature, your team is sure to figure out the basics of the service’s operation and start work processes in the service within a couple of weeks.

Embedded time tracker

Plan your time consumption and compute the resulting time to be spent by the employee. The hourly rates and time tracker are the most popular tools for planning and work time records in Worksection. Such record will help you set salaries of employees for hours consumed and invoice clients for project costs.

Calculate your income

Calculate the project cost by using the time tracker and hourly rates. It is a time-consuming task to record resources, however, this service can facilitate computing the time of fulfilling tasks and project costs. And the hourly rates of employees with time consumption entered will help you generate the final bill for your client.

Plan/Fact reports

The monthly report will show the number of tasks from the plan actually done, as well as the reasons for delays. For the selected period, reports may be generated by the filters of people, projects or people and projects simultaneously.

Prompt support

And you having any difficulties? Ask any Worksection-related questions in the technical support service chat. On average, our specialists answer within 2 minutes!

Do you want to know more about Worksection’s capabilities? We have prepared a starter guide and training videos. What’s more, we have a regularly updated FAQ section with convenient search!


Do you often look for missing letters from clients? Worksection saves correspondence and files under the task concerned. Correspond with your client within the project’s framework, send files, discuss tasks with your team, and share emotions. What is more, we have stickers for swift reactions!

Dealing with subcontractors

Do you need to engage a third-party company or freelancer? It’s not a problem! Assign the Guest role to the user, and the user will see only the projects and tasks in which the guest is involved in. All confidential information will be hidden from the guest.
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