Our top priority is data security

Worksection is directly associated with user details, contact bases, and projects of companies; thus, it is crucial to protect the information of the service.

For over 12 years the system has been functioning and no data leaks have occurred. 

Project data is stored on Worksection’s servers in an encrypted form, and the service is contacted via protected channels by using 256-bit SSL encryption, which is also utilized by banks all over the world. To prevent any loss of project data, Worksection automatically creates backup copies.

Data encryption

For all Worksection users, we provide safe data transfer based on the SSL technology. The server sets up a protected HTTPS connection with the browser of your computer.

A unique encryption key is generated upon every new connection.

FTP storage

FTP storage is the proprietary server on which a company can store its Worksection-based files. It will be necessary for companies with strict policies to disable them from storing confidential files on servers belonging to third-party entities.

Operating the FTP storage is no different from handling files on Worksection’s servers. The only difference is that the files are physically located on your server.

Data backup

Worksection’s servers automatically create backup copies, for example, in case your employee might accidentally remove an important file. The technical support service will help you restore sensitive information. Account backup can be configured on the FTP storage to duplicate data on the personal server.

Data backup is available for accounts with the Premium or higher tier plans.

Reliability of data storage

Worksection operates in a cluster of four data centers located in Germany and Ukraine which comply with the Tier-3 reliability class. All server parts are duplicated to ensure smooth operation of the cluster.

If any breakdown occurs in any data center, the backup facility will uphold its function and, thus, no off-schedule repairs will stop the operation of the service.

Data upload

The account owner can upload all account data, including all files uploaded to Worksection, to use them beyond the service.
Once any Worksection account is removed, all data will be deleted from the hard drives of the data centers with no possibility to restore them. We recommend creating a backup copy of an account before such removal.
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