User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter «Agreement») is concluded between you (hereinafter «User») and LLC «Worksection», hereinafter referred to as Contractor, represented by Director, Oleksii Lushchyk, acting on basis of the Charter (hereinafter «Worksection») and regulates all use of the website (the «Website») , which is owned and operated by Worksection and Services provided by Worksection, through the Website and all information that is available on the Website.


1.1. Only the person(User) who took all the terms of this Agreement, available at, «Privacy Agreement» posted at, and other rules provided on the Website has right to use the Website.

1.2. User must read carefully the Agreement before using the Website. By using any part of the Website, User agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement with Worksection. If you do not agree with the terms of the Agreement (in whole or in part), then you will not be granted the status and rights, and you have no right to use the Website, including but not limited to, any information posted on the Website and any services provided within the Website.

1.3. Terms of Agreement apply to all users of the Website — both to users who do not have an account on the Website (not registered user) or for users who have any account, any of the available types. An account means the totality of information about the user and authorization data (login, password).

1.4. User has no right to use the Services and can not accept the Agreement unless he has reached the legal age, when he has the right to accept such agreements with INRING.

1.5. If the law of the country residence’s or sojourning of User outlaw the use of the Site or Services for any reason, the User shall refrain from using the Site or Services, but if continue to use Software at their own risk.


2.1. Access to the Website for using the provided with it`s help services is possible only for registered users (who created the account).

2.2. If the User believes that the Website may contain information that would violate his rights, the User must notify Worksection and provide information that confirms the violation of rights. If the user provides false information about the violation of his rights, he bears full responsibility for damages (including costs, fees and payment for legal services).

2.3. When using the Website User is prohibited from:

2.3.1. Create more than one free account on the Website;

2.3.2. To register an Account on behalf of or for another person. At the same time, allowed registration of User by Administrator according to appropriate Account, and also Account of individual or legal person in case of obtaining the necessary authority in the manner and form prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine;

2.3.3. Foment and promote the incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred;

2.3.4. Commit acts that violate the rights, freedom, honor and dignity of any person;

2.3.5. To publish information (including any materials) that violates the copyrights, the signs for goods and services, industrial property rights and / or rights to other intellectual property rights that belong to Worksection and / or third parties;

2.3.6. To publish information that violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties (including the publishing of photos and videos, the main object of which is a person if that person did not consent to publish pictures or video of his participation on the Website);

2.3.7. To publish material of a pornographic nature and the materials prohibited by the publication of legislation on public morals;

2.3.8. Carry out an illegal gathering, storage or distribution of personal information of users of other accounts;

2.3.9. To try to gain access to account and / or login and password of another user in any manner, including but not limited to, using deception, abuse of trust, selection of a login and password;

2.3.10. To place a computer virus and / or programs that may interrupt or disrupt the normal functionality of the hardware and / or software, and telecommunication facilities of any person.

2.4. The Responsibility of the User:

2.4.1. User is responsible for any use of information available on the Website.

2.4.2. The user is solely responsible to third parties for his actions or omissions when using the Website.

2.4.3. Customer agrees to settle all claims of third parties that relate to acts or omissions of the User when using the Website all alone and at his own expense.

2.4.4. If the user does not prove the contrary, any action on the Website made using his account and / or his / her login and password, considered to be executed in this Account, and the User is solely responsible for such actions, their consequences and results as of if the use of User’s account by a third person was authorized by the User.

2.4.5. In the case of publishing the information by User on the Website infringing the Agreements between the Parties or applicable law Worksection has the right to block access to such information without notice, at its sole discretion, on the period of time needed to determine legality of publishing and using such information.

2.4.6. For violating the terms of this Agreement, Worksection has the right, without prior notification to block User from accessing the Website and / or remove User account.

2.4.7. The User that has the rights of new user registration within its Account on the Website, confirms that at the time of creating by him the Account for new User, new User has consented to the creation of such an Account, and that the new User has read and fully accept the conditions of this Agreement, the terms of «Privacy Agreement» and the conditions of other agreements referred to in the Website, which are binding for the use of the Website and Services. Otherwise, the User bears full and sole responsibility for the actions of new User using Websites and Services by him.

2.4.8. The User, providing for use his Account to another person confirms, that at the moment providing such using, new User has read and fully accept the conditions of this Agreement, the terms of «Privacy Agreement» and the conditions of other agreements referred to in the Website, which are binding for the use of the Website and Services. Otherwise, the User who provided access to his Account bears full and sole responsibility for the actions of new User using Websites and services by him.

2.4.9. The User, who registered the new User within his Account, has the right to delete the Account of this User solely at any moment. The new User accept such condition of Agreement.

2.5. The Responsibility of Worksection:

2.5.1. Worksection is not responsible for any use by third parties the content posted by Users on the Website (for example if the User has authorized access for a third party to User`s information, or if the third party gained an unauthorized access), including the copying, reproduction and distribution, as implemented in within the Website, and other possible ways.

2.5.2. Worksection is not reimbursing for damages, direct or indirect, caused to User or any third partes in the result of use or non-use, including inability to use the Website.

2.5.3. Worksection assumes no obligation to check, change and control the information that is published by someone on the Website, does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, its legality, quality and compliance with the specific demands and needs of Users of the Website.

2.5.4. Worksection is not responsible for the content of websites that do not belong to him, references to which may be presented on the Website, and do not guarantee their availability, correct operation and compliance with the noted theme.


3.1. The user who published on the Website any information that contains intellectual property, including but not limited to, text, graphics, audio and video products, computer programs, databases, trade marks for goods and services, etc., ensures that upload to the Website, copying and use of this information and / or intellectual property rights contained in it, will not infringe rights of third parties.

3.2. This Agreement does not grant to the User any ownership rights to any intellectual property of Worksection or third parties, if it is not explicitly noted, and all ownership rights with respect to such facilities remain solely to Worksection and / or the relevant third party.


4.1. The User confirms that he has a look at and fully accept the conditions of the «Privacy Agreement» concluded between Worksection and User.


5.1. Worksection has the right to amend to this Agreement. All amends to the Agreement will be available in a new version of the Agreement at In the case of significant amends to the Agreement, Worksection further inform User about these amends by e-mail. All amends to the Agreement shall enter into force after their publication. Using the services or Website the User agrees to new terms in the Agreement in force as from the date of using services or Website.

5.2. Worksection is not responsible for loss or damage suffered by Users or third parties resulting from erroneous understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement, instructions or guidance on the use of Website or Services for order of providing data and other technical issues.

5.3. The user provides Worksection the right to send messages to the User, which contain information about the Website, services of Worksection and other information. The User agree that such messages do not determined as «Spam» (the messages including advertising which the User do not want to receive.

5.4. In the case of invalidation or unenforceable any part of this Agreement, other parts of the Agreement shall remain in force. Failure of either Party of any term or condition of this Agreement or any breach of them does not negate the effect of this provision or condition.

5.5. Worksection provide the Website «as is». Worksection do not guarantee compliance the Website to objectives and expectations of User. Worksection responsible for the uninterrupted operation and error-free performance of the Website, as well as the safety of the user account and information, which is posted by the User on the Website only in the framework of agreements and contracts concluded between the User and Worksection.

5.6. Worksection has the right to unilaterally change the value, types and duration of services provided within the Website.

5.7. Worksection may assign its rights under this Agreement to any third party at any time and without notice.

5.8. Until this Agreement and relations between Worksection and the User, apply the legislation of Ukraine. The Parties fully agrees that the competent courts of Ukraine shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any claims and disputes relating to the Agreement.

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