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Number of usersPeople
Number of active projectsProjects
File storageFiles, Gb
Access managementSSL
Time trackingTime
Gantt chartGantt
PROFiles on your serverFTP
PROAccount on your domainYour domain
PROReserved copyBackup


100+ increase quota
+2 projects 1$/mo.
250+ increase quota
+5Gb 1$/mo.
+ FTP storage
SSL on your domain
Everyday backup


50+ increase quota
+1 project 1$/mo.
50+ increase quota
+2Gb 1$/mo.
+ FTP storage
Weekly backup


10+ increase quota
+1Gb 1$/mo.




no charge
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What does "30-day free trial" mean?

This means that 30 days after your registration you will be asked to submit the first payment for the next month of the selected plan.

What are active projects?

There are two major project types in Worksection: active and archived ones. The active projects are the ones you are working on; the archived ones are those already finished. The available plans can only limit the number of active projects; e.g., using the «Studio» plan, you can only have up to 20 active projects and unlimited number of the archived ones.

Are there any limits to the number of users?

The number of people who can use your account is unlimited. The number of companies and their employees is never limited in any of the plans.

Can I change my plan after the registration?

Absolutely! Feel free to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. This can be easily done under your account’s «Account (plan/payment)» section.

What payment methods do you accept?

— Card payments (Visa, MasterCard)
— Paypal
— Wire transfers
— WebMoney

What if I need to delete my account?

Although we would be sad to see you go, it is your right. You can delete your account at any time.

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We accept VISA We accept MasterCard We accept Paypal
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Plan description

$29 / month

20 active projects

There is no limit to the number of projects in one account. The only thing that’s limited is how many active projects you can have. When a project is completed or paused, simply archive it and we won’t count it.

  number of users

One of Worksection’s key benefits is that there is absolutely no maximum number of users allowed. You can add as many workers or clients as you need. You can also structure your workforce by adding people to various Companies and Departments.

10Gb file storage

Worksection offers easy-to-use file management tools and an online document-viewing feature. Full-screen viewing and scaling is available for images.


Event deadlines and project events (tasks and subtasks) are displayed on a calendar grid, which is easy to analyze and use in planning. Creating new events and changing existing deadlines is very simple. Your Worksection calendar can be easily synchronized with Google Calendar or any other calendar that uses the iCal standard.

Access management

Allows you to create other Companies and Departments within your account, inviting people in the role of Guest. Allows you to do a task or a comment ionly visible to some participants of the project and to hide from everyone else.

Time tracking

Every task and subtask in Worksection can be assessed based on its duration. You can log your time daily or, if you prefer, after a task or subtask is marked as completed. There are several reports available to analyze working hours and workers’ resource. You can export the data in .xls to assess it further.


Workstation can even log time for you. The timer function can be used to accurately tally up the hours spent on a particular task. It also allows the manager to see who’s doing what at any given moment.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart (a popular type of histogram) is used to show the project plan and its current status. At the moment, the Gantt chart is considered the “gold standard” in project management, at least when it comes to visualizing the structure of different tasks involved within the project. Thanks to the Gantt chart, Worksection allows you to connect start-to-start and start-to-finish tasks.


As well as calculating time, you can evaluate the costs associated with each task and subtask. Afterwards, you can examine the summary data for each team member, project or client. This tool can be used for invoicing or payroll management. The reports can be exported as .xls files for further assessment.

PRO this features available only in Pro plans

FTP storage

All files from your account can be stored on your own FTP server. This will be a very useful feature for companies that operate under strict confidentiality policies which don’t allow the use of third-party servers for internal data.

Account on your domain

You can use any web address for your account, not just Worksection subdomains.

Reserved copy

You can set up a daily/weekly account backup to your own FTP server. We can restore your account from any back up point, all you have to do is contact customer service.

Over 12000 teams are using Worksection to organize projects

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