Why Your Team Should Try Worksection

Worksection is a cloud service for project management with built-in timer. It’s perfect for teams consisting of technical and creative type of people, such as digital agencies, various consulting, development and so on.

Structure and flexibility in operation are key factors to achieve efficiency. Worksection will assist in adjusting team work, relieving you of stress in project development.

Convenience and intuitivity

Sign up and try to create a project. If you understand at once how to do it, the service will be comprehensible to your team as well. The biggest introduction problem consists in the team’s actual involvement in using it.

Worksection’s well-considered interface and your company’s flexible policy will help you to get it done.


Worksection offers the price of 2.5 $ per user on average. At the same time, you obtain all tools to manage your business, and the price will depend only on the number of projects and users.

The average monthly fee for similar solutions (Asana, Trello, Wrike, Monday) with baseline functionality starts from 7$ per person.

Wide set of functions

Each company operates in its own way: certain ones sell the time of its employees, other ones work for fixed project-based remuneration. Company projects may be long-term, single-type or simple and creative.

Gantt chart, Kanban board, time-tracker and project budgeting, labels, statuses and many other things are offered.
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Ultrafast and loyal support

If you write to our English-speaking service, you will get a response in English in 12 hours at the very best. We have no bots, Worksection support is provided by real people. An average response of our specialists takes 10 minutes in working hours, and 1 hour in off-duty.

We are ready to probe into local matters of your company and assist you in a unique situation.  

Worksection has significantly helped us to grow by 3 times! Information is not lost, projects are delivered faster. Customers are happy too — they see the process. This increases trust and loyalty.

We first implemented Worksection in one department — and that made the reporting process much easier! We forgot about the XLS files and the paperwork that was slowing down the workflow.

I collect projects in Worksection so that the team knows its tasks, project progress and can share information with each other.

It is always important and convenient for me, as a manager, to know the status of all tasks and to receive timely notifications about all changes.

Through Worksection we will know where the project is going, what to do next and how well we are doing it.

It’s easier to navigate the tasks. We divide common tasks into subtasks, subtasks — into checklists.

All tasks in terms of project management are marked. Thus, at the end of the project we understand which tasks take time and which places in the plan were weak.

Big brands are complex campaigns and multi-level tasks that cannot be planned on a leaflet or in an excel table. As a result, we have come to Worksection.

Worksection not only memorizes all information on projects, but also allows you to analyze the results of the company.

If you don’t fix the tasks in a single interface, you are very likely to miss something. Worksection is an excellent task manager for managing projects in construction.

With the transition to Worksection, the team became more independent: people set their own tasks, communicate with each other, add groups.

The project’s work is tied to specific dates and times. It is important for us that people are always aware of what, when and where we will do it.

Thanks to Worksection one project manager can cope with the volume of shooting and post-production of all content from Ukraїner.

We use Worksection for team planning and project management. When selecting a program we started with such important parameters for us as an intuitive logic, the lack of extra (unnecessary) functionality, convenience, speed and ease of use. Worksection fully meets all of our requirements and significantly simplifies the process of setting, delegating and tracking the execution of tasks.

Before using Worksection, we tried different options of Basecamp and Megaplan. However, we chose nothing else but this service. It has become a lot easier to track work of the employees and manage business processes and set priorities.

Mobile application

The iOS- and Android- compatible application will help you hold a finger on the pulse. It is a bit truncated as compared to the desktop version, but the basic functions are available directly from your phone.


We have been working on integrations with other business applications, such as CRM systems, GoogleDocs, Slack, Telegram.We have open API which enables downloading and uploading data from Worksection.

For instance, you can download reports into your financial systems and calculate your employees’ salaries. There are many options for using API.  
API documents

Worksection has significantly helped us to grow by 3 times! Information is not lost, projects are delivered faster. Customers are happy too — they see the process. This increases trust and loyalty.


Worksection stores data of more than 500,000 users. Over 10 years the service has been operating, no data leakage has occurred. The Worksection system functions in a cluster of four Tier-3 class data centers located in Europe and Ukraine:

  • Hetzner data center, certified for compliance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and located in  Nuremberg (Germany).
  • MiroHost data center, Worksection’s main operation center, located in Kyiv (Ukraine).  

Service uptime is over 99,98%

We maintain stable operation of the service and continuous technical maintenance.  Worksection is available at any time for any user. Should any problem occur in one of the TIER 3 class data centers, its work will be continued by another data center of our cluster.

Daily backups

We do data backup on a separate server. Full backup we do everyday and keep it in encrypted form. If you connect an FTP-servers to Worksection, you can automatically create backups on your companies server.

More than 1300 companies use Worksection. Get started!

1300 companies use Worksection


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