1Launching the Work Process

Hello, friends!

In this overview, we will tell you how to start your work in Worksection in a fast and easy manner.

  • How to invite users to the system (along with company’s departments)
  • How to create projects, tasks / subtasks and how to assign executives
  • How to control deadlines and track time and monetary costs
  • How to create summary reports for billing
  • How to increase data safety
  • And many other useful things...
Principles and methods of work in the Worksection system will be looked at on the example of the «Cassie&C» company.


For starters, let’s register in the system.

This can be done by clicking the orange button that says «Sign up for free» in the top right corner of the website. In the appeared box, enter your email and click «Done».

Next, you will receive an email that will contain a link to continue your registration.
Click on the link...

If you do not see the email, check your Spam folder. If it’s not there, then contact our Technical Support Team. We will send you a link to continue the registration. Besides, you can create your account using either of the following social networks, Facebook or Google+.

Next, we are on the page where registration information is to be entered.

Here we enter the nickname, name, and last name and create a password (login is your email address). In the next column, enter the name of your company, choose the country of the data center, and enter the desired address for your account. If your address is taken, then try choosing another domain from the drop-down menu.

Note! A person who registers an account automatically becomes its owner. Later, you can transfer this ownership to any other employee in your company.

When all the necessary forms are filled out, click «Create my Worksection account».
Done! Welcome aboard ;-)

After that is done, you are automatically forwarded to the homepage of your account...

Start Page

The start page of the created account looks like this:

If previously you used one of the following project management systems: Basecamp, Asana, MS Project, then import all of your data in just a few clicks.
If this is not the case, then let’s start from scratch, or, to put it more precisely, let’s start with creating a new project.

Having clicked on «Let’s create the first project», we are on the project creation page ...

Create projects and invite users

Stage 1

Creating a project

Click on «Create new project»...

1 Name a project
2 Add a detailed description and key files (not required)
3 Set time frames (not required)
4 Add estimates (not required)
5 Assign a project manager

Stage 2

Inviting users to a project

In order to invite users to a project, click on «Add to the company».

In the opened window, choose the project1, enter the email address, name, and last name of the member(s)2 (if desired, you can enter several emails by separating them with commas or import your employees contact database in the CSV and vCard format)3. Choose the company and department (in this case — create a new one). Click on «Invite users to the project».

More detailed information about the employees can be added later.

Stage 3

Adding a client’s company and inviting a client

In the «Project’s Participants» section, choose «Add company»1. Define the type of the company Client 2, enter the name3 and click «ОК».

Invite your client to the project. This will require clicking on «Add to the company» icon in the column of client’s company followed by entering the required data and clicking «Invite user (s) to the project».

Having filled out all the required fields and invited users to the project, the project creation page will look like this:

Finish the process of creating a project by clicking «Create project». Done!

Setting users’ roles

Now that all the appropriate parties have been invited, let’s take care of their roles. Let’s limit the access of freelancer Andrew Peterson to the internal company information. For this, assign him the role of a Guest in the Team section (now only the tasks that Andrew has been assigned to are visible to him).

For this, we click on Andrew’s card1 and, in the pop-up menu on top of the screen, we choose «Permissions»2.

Then, in the pop-up window in the drop-down list, we choose the role of a Guest 1 and save changes2. New permissions of the user take effect immediately.

Here, you can set the permissions of the company’s administrators, department and whole account along with assigning other roles to the participants.

All’s ready;-) We have successfully added the client-company. We have also added the necessary employees to the company and limited access of some of them.

The account is set and people are invited — let’s get to work...

2Planning and Work

. . . .

3Reports, Invoices, and Conclusions

. . . .

4Security Questions

. . . .

5Useful Little Things

. . . .
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