How does Worksection work?

Why do I need Worksection?

Worksection — is a service for teams that systematizes entire project’s information: tasks, deadlines, files, and communication.

Worksection will help you save tons of time, money, and nerves! You will always be in the center of the events occurring in your projects. And you can plan the process of work.

Also, you will be able to see the workload of employees and calculate the time that they spend on the whole project and tasks in particular. And with hourly rates — to calculate the cost of the team and the profitability of a project.

You probably already know that the most important aspect of implementing a new tool is making sure that employees actually start using it. The main advantages of Worksection are convenience and simplicity. That is why onboarding process for teams is quite easy. And that’s the reason that Worksection used by non-IT specialists, such as: creatives, marketers, lawyers, HR, construction workers, engineers.

Our clients say that Worksection adds 43% to the team’s performance

Let me introduce you to the Fast product’s guide for Company Owner/Branch Managers

And for your team, we have the «Simplified guide for team members».

So, how does it work?

1. Your company is divided into teams for which projects are grouped

2. Every project gets a «project team» from people added to Worksection

3. An employee can participate in several projects. When he or she enters the system, they can only see the projects in which they are enrolled.

4. You can invite a client into the system and add them into their «Clients» projects

5. Each project consists of tasks. Tasks are divided into subtasks (2 levels of nesting) and contain terms, priorities, statuses, and tags, as well as files and a comments feed.

Teams and projects

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Tasks and Communication

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Notifications and settings

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Timer and Gantt diagram

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Reports and onboarding

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