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Be ready that people will be reluctant to use something new, and implementation "by order" might fail. That's why you definitely need a champion to support implementation of the system in the team, and we, for our part, will help you do so easily and quickly.

We have developed a simple user guide, and FAQs on the system with a convenient search. In the system itself, there is a "life ring" for the owner and administrators (bottom left)  this is a live chat with us.

Carry out a pilot project with the team, set deadlines and complete tasks. If all goes well, you can then try to use more elaborate features, e.g. keep track of time and budgets, invite clients and subcontractors, etc.

Every week, we hold an educational webinar on our Youtube channel. In our social networks we share useful information about project management, effective management and company news. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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