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Hi, friends! ​ We've added an option to set a task start time for more accurate workflow scheduling. Implemented real-time event updates, which will speed up any interactions in the account, and added...
16 January 2024   •   3 min read
Hello, friends! We are happy to deliver you good news about another system update. The headliner of our update is long-awaited Kanban-board; however, there are many other, not less interesting and simple...
22 May 2018   •   10 min read
Hello, friends! We have great news again, next update is already in your accounts. A click, double click, long click As you know, there are two ways to view the same task. And you can use one or another...
8 November 2016   •   4 min read
Dear friends, we have excellent news: everything we have been busy working on is now DONE! Everything we’ve promised (and even more) is now in your accounts. We have done so much that we had to break...
28 February 2016   •   5 min read
Hello, friends! We continue to introduce you to our newbies. We would like to point out right away that the Task or Subtask subscription is now absolutely independent, which means that one group of people...
28 February 2016   •   7 min read
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