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Together with Anastasiia Matsuga, a New Business Director of Sasquatch Digital agency, we discussed the benefits of Worksection for digital marketing, the pros and cons of time tracking, and how their...
14 June 2023   •   4 min read
PM school
Project management plays a significant role in companies that make products or provide services in various fields. Marketing is no exception. Here, project management provides marketing teams with structured...
27 March 2023   •   8 min read
The Worksection team met with Co-owner Aсademy WebPromoExperts and the CEO of SkillsBooster Digital Marketing Academy Anton Voroniuk, and discussed the company's work, their ways to manage multiple projects...
26 February 2023   •   3 min read
The Worksection team visited the office of Brain Tank, a creative marketing communications agency. Together with Yevhenii Myroniuk, managing partner for strategy, we discussed the importance of creativity...
30 November 2022   •   3 min read
Yaroslav Vedmid is a head and founder of the Postmen digital agency. The agency is basically involved in introducing digital communication, implementing complex marketing tasks and creative strategies...
24 November 2020   •   6 min read
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