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When it comes to the merits of project management methodologies, people working in this area often disagree. Someone believes that for the success of the final product, constant communication between...
13 March 2023   •   8 min read
PM school
Experts in all fields talk about the importance of flexibility. When it comes to project management, it is the flexibility of the team and the software it uses that allows to get rid of the main problems...
5 October 2022   •   17 min read
PM school
In recent years most companies have significantly changed their working environment. Pandemia, remote work and increased requirements to business efficiency push companies to searching for new solutions...
24 January 2020   •   8 min read
PM school
The opposition of Agile and Waterfall is not as much theoretical as it is practical. The choice of methodology that does not fit your project will, in the best-case scenario, slow down its development...
14 April 2019   •   8 min read
About myself: Co-founder and partner of Achiva Network;Co-founder and partner of Galaxy Labs;I fly on paragliders, ride motorcycles;I manage a team consisting of 65 persons. About work systematization...
19 January 2020   •   7 min read
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