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Mykyta Lovikov, CEO and founder of the Letsmake.site web studio, shared his experience of using Worksection with us. Besides, Mykyta spoke about interesting insights about success and failure of projects...
13 December 2023   •   4 min read
Together with Ivan Tryhub, co-founder and CEO of SPLIT Development, we discussed the formation of his company and the specifics of projects, the advantages of Worksection compared to Jira, as well as...
3 December 2023   •   4 min read
ArtJoker has been in the market since 2006. We are involved in development and promotion of e-commerce businesses. Our clients are companies such as Mitsui Group, PepsiCo, namely such brands as Toshiba, Pepsi, as well as Freshline, Prostor etc.
16 January 2020   •   3 min read
Coderiver provides sophisticated desktop publishing services. We cooperate with the major studios of Ukraine and with numerous foreign customers. More than 20 highly-qualified developers work for our...
15 January 2020   •   2 min read
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