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ArtJoker: Good Order and Communication in Digital Companies

Roman Katerynchuk

About us:

  • Digital agency
  • 120 employees
  • 13 years in the market
  • More than 6 years with Worksection
  • Clients: Toshiba, PepsiCo, Freshline, Prostor, Morosha etc.
ArtJoker has been in the market since 2006. We are involved in development and promotion of
e-commerce businesses. Our clients are companies such as Mitsui Group, PepsiCo, namely such brands as Toshiba, Pepsi, as well as Freshline, Prostor etc.

We cover all needs of the client, ranging from development and design to upgrading and promotion.

How did you start using Worksection?

Before Worksection, we used to write tasks on papers. In the morning, we put leaflets with tasks for each employee, and in the evening we collected them with reports filled in. It was a wild but at the same time romantic time.

As the number of projects was growing, the work was slowing down. Some reports and replies would be lost. A communication abyss emerged in the teams. A great number of relationships turned teamwork into chaos.

As the business was systematized, we adopted Worksection, and we have been continuing to use it for more than 6 years already. The company’s efficiency grew 3 times.

Since then, all tasks within projects have been controlled through Worksection. Each employee knows what he/she is to do, and what work has already been done.

This is our primary and sole tool for task tracking. Worksection forms our basis in which we plan development processes and handle marketing tasks.

How is Worksection useful for you?

  • We deal with clients
Our objective is to help clients to promote and sell their products. It is important, especially in the digital field, to be able to discern the client’s wishes and to find a «common language» with him. It is necessary to optimize work processes and relationships with customers to ensure efficiency and high quality of the products we create.

Everything is simple in Workseсtion: a project is created in a couple of clicks, and the client’s account is added to it. It enables the client to get involved in the work process: to track the project progress, to set new tasks and to receive reports.

  • We track time
The key specific feature of Worksection is integral time tracking. It is important for us to realize the amount of time spent for a project. The timer and reports help to receive detailed statistics, which is convenient in computing the project marginality.

  • We send reports
We notify some of our clients on fulfilled works via Worksection. There is nothing difficult: the employees record their work results while closing tasks, and responsible persons complete project work reports. Clients see this information inside Worksection.

For more complex report operations, we have integrated 1C. Reports are uploaded from WS to 1C to be recalculated there.

Reports may be uploaded to an Excel table

Pressing tasks. Are there many expired ones?

As the company was growing, there were more and more expired tasks. It is obvious that most of them have just lost their relevance. Some tasks are not pressing for priorities. And sometimes employees simply forget to close a task.

Worksection enables tracking deadlines in a couple of clicks.

To reduce the number of expired tasks, we always use task priorities and deadlines. Some tasks require prompt response and execution with no delay.

Additionally, we have made a simple feature — a script for the chat messenger. We have integrated it with Worksection. Gradually, we accustomed the bot to differentiate between tasks set and received. Now, every Friday morning, it reminds what should be checked, as well as to close «pressing» tasks.

If we stopped using Worksection today, the company’s efficiency would decline dramatically.

We maintain good order

Wise arrangement of projects contributes to the team’s efficiency. To minimize errors in communication, we need a tool to enable all participants to track, update and share statuses and reports in real time. Digital studios handle huge volumes of digital data. The common space to manage all project information will make it possible to store and safely transfer data to employees and clients.

In 2019, it is difficult to imagine a company not using a PM system to handle projects. For us, Worksection is a tool which enables us to put things right in a project or communication.

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