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If you're gearing up for a successful project management journey, understanding RAID is akin to having a trusty map in hand. RAID, an acronym for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies, forms the...
19 June 2024   •   22 min read
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Hybrid work is a flexible work model that combines elements of both remote and in-office work. In this approach, employees have the option to split their work time between working from a traditional office...
10 June 2024   •   21 min read
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The Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches define how organizations navigate decision-making and operational execution. These approaches delineate management styles and embody the varying cultures within organizations...
5 June 2024   •   11 min read
PM school
Strategy and tactics are two related concepts that are often confused. However, in practice, strategies and tactics differ significantly from each other, and these differences have a strong impact on...
5 April 2024   •   10 min read
Organizational structure of a company helps to see the “inside” of the business: how roles and responsibilities are distributed within it, and even how the main business processes proceed. The business...
7 March 2024   •   11 min read
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