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Colors and Labels of Projects, Filters and Other Improvements

Hello Friends!

We present our next autumn update for you to find something useful for yourselves. Let’s get started...

Big profile pictures

Many of you asked us to enlarge profile pictures for account members, and we have done it. You can see the «zoom in» command on the updated User Card or by simply holding the mouse on the profile picture in the comments feed.

The user’s photograph is currently stored in the size of 512×512 px. To enlarge the profile picture, you need to upload its new version.

Advanced filter

The advanced filter has a new design and a set of new functions now. From now on, its area is moved with a mouse, in the same way as on the kanban board. Due to it, the extended filter has become available in mobile browsers.

New possibilities of the advanced filter

  • Improved search by various dates
  • Search by priorities new
  • Search by project labels new
  • Profile pictures of authors and responsible persons in the lists new

Improvements of the existing filter

  • A fine filter for filtering by task priorities has been added new
  • A new filter for project labels and colors new

Gantt Chart

The Calendar and Gantt Chart have been replenished with new possibilities. Additionally, the Planned costs, as well as task Statuses and Labels, are displayed from now on.

  1. New filters are available
  2. Task Statuses and Labels are displayed
  3. Planned costs are shown
  4. And even project colors are there for you

Note you may disable the display of the Labels and leave only statuses — to do so, use the toggle switch in the Gantt Chart menu.

Additionally, the filtration and data retrieval algorithms have been optimized. Companies having loads of tasks will certainly feel the difference in speed on the Gantt Chart.
We remind At the overall level of the account, the Gantt Chart may be represented not only By Projects, but also By People. Use the Gantt Chart by filtering it By People to plan workloads for your employees.

Project colors

We have added the option to assign 1 of 10 determined colors to the project. Colors may be assigned by people entitled as Project Managers or having higher statuses. It can be done in the Project Menu when Creating / Editing the project, and even simply on the list — My projects — by clicking the petal on the left and selecting the needed color.

To reset the color, click on the color circle once again
The project colors are seen on the project pages, in the project lists and, of course, in the Projects section in its Card and Table views —they are displayed in the form of colored angles1 and are available for filtration2.

You can select all Yellow projects or all Green ones. To do this, select Show and click on the colour of interest.

Labels and statuses of projects PRO

For companies with large amounts of active projects, we have added the option to mark them with Statuses or Labels. The settings for project statuses and labels is attributed to the separate section of the Account settings.

This section contains empty groups specifically assigned. One of them is for project statuses, and two of them are for labels — both public ones and those hidden from clients. Account administrators may rename the groups and fill them with content.

It is assumed that projects in a company involve similar work processes, thus the group of statuses is always the same. Meanwhile, you may have as many label groups as you want. A project may have any number of labels, but only one status.

My projects with Colors, Statuses and Labels look as follows:

  1. There is always only one Status — being single, it is placed at the start and is more square in shape than the labels
  2. The Labels are collected in groups if there are several of them, and they are round in shape
  3. The Internal label is invisible for customer companies, and it is marked with a lock
  4. Project color
Tip If the labels on the list of My projects create an impedance for you, you may disable their display in the Settings of the project list view.

Who may configure the project labels?
The Owner and Administrators.
Who may assign labels to projects?
The Project Manager or persons with higher statuses.
Where can I add / delete project labels?
You can do it in the Project Settings, on the Project Card, and in the Project description block... You can massively assign Statuses and Labels to projects in the Projects section.
Where can I see the project statuses and labels?
On the project lists, in the project page headers, in the Task and Report sections of the whole account... And even in some popup windows ;-)

And now let’s proceed to the most interesting things

From now on, the lists of Tasks and Reports offer filtration by Labels and Statuses! It means that you can select all Tasks from projects Labeled as Production or to create a Report for all projects with the Paid Status.
To filter the Tasks or Reports by project Statuses of Labels, open the Project filter and pass to the new Labels tab.

Here you can select the needed label or status by which you intend to filter the list. If you need to set several labels and statuses simultaneously, use the extended filter — now such option is enabled ;-)

We have also extended the API functions by adding the method for creating and assigning project labels. Additionally, a whole range of options have been added! The new API version will be highlighted soon.

Limitations in projects PRO

For companies using the PRO tariff plans, additional parameters for Project limitations have become available, in addition to the Labels and Statuses.

For all novelties, see the figure below

  • Projeсt color
  • Project statuses and labels
  • Extended limitations
New limitations include requirements for mandatory boxes in task setting, prohibition to edit/delete tasks and comments, as well as restrictions for the methods to indicate expenditure. For instance, you may configure the project so that expenditure could be indicated in it only based on the timer or only for the current day...

Dear friends, this is all for now!
Thank you for using our product!
Have a productive worktime!
Worksection Team

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