Managing projects

How to change the title and other project's data?

All the data that you entered when creating a project can be changed at any time on the Project page. In order to get to the edit page of the project, click on the icon of the case. It is located before the search form on all pages of the project.

Please, note! Only users with the permissions of an administrator and above can create and edit projects. At the same time, they do have to have permissions to create and edit projects. If you do not see a button with a case, then your permissions are not enough to create and edit projects.

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Where can I see all the projects in which I particpate?

This can be done with the help of «Projects» link in the upper menu. When opening, you will see a list of all the projects in which you participate.

In the upper part of the window, there is a field for live search. If the list of projects is long, you can just start typing first letters of the projects name and the corresponding projects will pop up.
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How can one view project's participants?

On the «Team» page, there’s a list of project’s participants.

On the participants’ page, you can perform bulk operations on people. For example, edit, change permissions, transfer in between departments, etc.

Select several participants by clicking on their cards, and you will see a block of bulk operations1 in the upper part of the screen.

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How to add participants from different companies to a project?

Before adding companies and their employees to a project, you need to add them to your Worksection account. Details on how to add companies and invite people can be found here.

Let’s say, you have all the desired companies and employees in your account. Then, when creating and editing a project in the lower part of your page, you will see the «Project participants» section.

In order to add participants, just click on their names. They will be marked with a tick1. Click on «Create a project» to invite people2.

Please note! If you need to include all the participants of a company at once or the entire department — click on the name of the department1 or the icon of the company2.

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I have many projects in my account. Is it possible to perform bulk operations simultaneously on a group project?

Of course. If you choose more than one project on the project page, at the top there will appear the bulk operations menu bar. In order to choose projects, it is not necessary to mark the check box, you can just click on the card of the project or its row in the table.

The number of functions in the menu-bar of bulk operations depends on the user permissions. Let’s take a look at what operations can be done on selected projects:

  • Muted — assign projects the «Waiting» status;
  • Archive — assign projects the «Archive» status;
  • Team — take or give people access to the selected projects;
  • Parameters — change the parameters of the project (the main company, manager, default executive, the policy of closing the tasks and transfer of responsibility)

  • Please, note! This group of options is available only to administrators with the project management permissions.

  • Tasks — view all the tasks for the selected projects;
  • Reports — generate reports for the selected projects;
  • Calendar — view key dates for the selected projects on the calendar;
  • Gantt chart — build a Gantt chart for the selected projects.

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How to sort and group projects?

If you have many projects and you needed to split them into groups (e.g., type of work or the status of the project), the system can create multiple non-existent companies, which will act as a «tag / status» for project groups.

1. In the People section, create virtual companies «In progress» and «Completed».
2. In the Projects tab, change «Main Company» parameter in the marked projects:
3. Result

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What is an "archived" project or a project in a "muted" mode? How to change the status of a project?

Any tariff plan has a limitation by the number of active projects. At the same time, by no means, we limit the number of projects in your archive. After you are completely done with your work on a project, there is no need to delete it — just archive it, which, as a result, will empty the space for other active projects. If needed, you can always change the status of your archived project to the active one. Projects in the «muted» mode do not send email notifications, and their tasks are not seen in the newsfeed and in the list of user’s tasks. Invitations will be sent only after you activate the project. Also, a project in the «muted» mode can be used to сreate a «Template project». Besides, such projects are taken into account when the total number of the account’s projects is calculated.

In order to change the status of a project, go to the project’s settings in the Main menu:

In the right part of the «Project Name» field, choose the status of the project, «Archive» or Dormant«, and click on the «Update Project» button.

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Why keep the archived projects?

Your Worsection account allows storing an unlimited number of archived projects. Right after you are completely done with the work on the projects, there is no need to delete it for good — just archive it. You and your clients can still access the projects pages, look through the tasks, comments, and download files. The only difference is that nothing can be created, edited, or deleted in the project when they are archived.

If you wish to renew the work on a project, then go to the «Projects» section and then go to the «Archive». Then find the project you need, and access it by clicking its name.

Then, click on «Activate project»:

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How to remove a project completely?

Prior to removing a project, it needs to be archived. For this, jump to Projects, click on the desired project, and in the pop-up menu, choose «Archive»1 item.

Jump to the Archive tab. On the card of the project that you want to delete, locate the Recycle Bin icon, and click on it. Confirm the deletion, and the project will be deleted.

Unlike the archived project, the deleted project cannot be restores.

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How to archive a project?

In order to send a project to the Archive — go to the «Projects» section and select the desired project:

In the appeared window, click «Archive»

Please, note: All archived projects can be seen in the Projects -> Archive section
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