Managing members

Where can I see and manage participants in my account?

The system has People section for it. If you are on the Main page, then simply jump to the People link from the main menu.

If you are in the project, then instead of the People section, there will be a Team section. In order to go back to the Main page, click on the button located at the beginning of the Main menu.

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Is it possible to hide names and contacts' info? How to set contacts' visibility?

There is an option where you can hide the names or contact info of your employees from clients and subcontractors. Also, you can hide contact info from other employees in your company: for example, you have several branches and due to some reasons you wish them to work anonymously.

In the Worksection, there is an option where you can use Nickname1 in your accounts and not show your employees’ real names.

By default, Nickname is filled with part of an employee’s email address, the one that comes before @.

When an employee has a nickname, his/ her contact info will be displayed depending on the privacy settings:

  • when the name and last name are visible (two green locks) — Nickname is not in use;
  • when hidden from clients (one lock is open, the other one is locked) — employees of your company see Name and Last name, while clients can only see Nickname;
  • when hidden from everyone (two red locks) — all, with the exception of administrators, see Nickname of the employees.
The same rule applies to other privacy settings: contact visibility and online status. They can be «visible to all», «hidden from client companies», or «hidden from all», except for account’s administrators.

Customizing of the contact info visibility can also be done with the help of bulk operations in the People section. Click on business cards of the relevant participants. In the pop-up menu, choose «Privacy» option, and then choose necessary settings and click «Apply» to save changes.

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How to edit info of the users?

In the People section, mark business cards of all the required participants and choose «Edit» in the appeared menu.

For each user, a window of profile editing will open. Transitioning between users is possible by means of the pop-up menu with their names appeared at the top1.

On the left of the editing window, you can change the privacy settings1, specify the name, change the company and the department, the position of the user, select sex, and also specify the date of birth, language interface and add the contact details2.

In the right part of the window3, you can configure email and push as well as system notifications to the user.

At the bottom of the editing window4, you can open or close a user’s access to the selected projects.

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How to set the order of departments?

All departments are sorted alphabetically. If you are not satisfied with the default sorting, it is recommended to use the numbering in the names. Then, when displaying a list of sections, they will be sorted by numbers in the correct order.

For example:

  • 01/ Accounting
  • 02/ Administration
  • 03/ Human Resources
  • 04/ Section of development and implementation
  • 05/ Trade section
  • 06/ Marketing
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How to make changes directly in the user group?

To select multiple users, just mark their business cards.

Additionally, you can choose all of the users of the section or company. To do this, hover the mouse over the icon of a section or company, and then mark the corresponding checkbox.

When selecting multiple users, a group operations menu will appear at the top. The number on the left side of the menu shows the number of selected users. This menu helps to take a variety of actions with the chosen participants:

  • «Edit» — edit profiles;
  • «Invite» — invite users into the system (only if there are people in the group who have not been previously invited);
  • «Permissions» — add / remove permissions;
  • «Projects» — change the access to the projects;
  • «Privacy» — change the visibility of the contact information;
  • «Transfer» — ​​transfer to other companies / sections;
  • «VCard» — export the contact data in vCard files;
  • «Delete» — remove members;
At the initial appearance of this menu, some of its items will not visible. To see all the items, click «More».

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How to remove a user/section/company?

Only the administrator with the «People» permission can remove a user.

Jump to People.

In the People section, select the card of the user (-s) you want to remove, and in the menu that appears, select «Remove», then click «Permanently remove». The user will be deleted and will no longer be able to log in.

How to remove a section

You can only delete an empty section (that has no employees). If the section is not empty, you must first remove or transfer all of the employees to other sections. Then, in order to remove a section, jump to People and hover your mouse over the name of the section in the list. The button to remove a section will appear: (it will appear only if the section does not have employees). Click on it, then click «Confirm», and the section will be deleted.

How to remove a company?

In order to remove a company, first, all of its employees need to be deleted or transferred to other companies, and only then delete the company.

When deleting, first jump to People and hover your mouse over the necessary company in the list. The button to remove a company will appear: (it will appear only if the company does not have employees). Click on it, then click «Confirm», and the company will be deleted.

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Is there a way to know who is the administrator?

In order to learn who is the administrator, jump to People.

At the top of this section, you will see the display filters that can filter cards by companies and permissions. In the «Permissions» filter, select «Company Administrator», and only company administrators’ cards will be displayed in the section. Similarly, you can display all account managers.

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How to set the hourly rate for an employee?

After rate activation in each user’s profile, there is a field to record an employee’s personal rate. It is necessary to fill only in the case when an employee’s personal rate differs from the default rate in the account settings.

Please, note! This field can only be filled out by Administrators with the Personnel Management permissions. Member with the «User» status does not see this field and cannot set the rate. The user also does not see the other participants’ rates.

Bulk rate setting can be done on the Team page or shared People page. Mark cards of those participants whose rate you would like to change. In the top menu, click on «Rates»1, then enter the total value, and apply.

Personal rates2 are marked with the special icon and can be seen on the employees’ cards.

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How to hide contact info of my employees from an employee?

To hide contacts of your employees from a client, in the People section, select the required participant (or participants) and jump to «Privacy» in the appeared menu.

Select the options of the user’s contact display:

  • visible to all;
  • hidden from client-companies;
  • hidden from all (except the account administrators).
Click «Apply» to save changes.

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The user from my account has forgotten their password. How can I remind them?

Ask the user to visit the login page and click on "Forgot password". The system will send them instructions on how to change their password to their registered email address."
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Member invitations are not coming in. What do I do?

If you sent an invi­ta­tion to a new mem­ber and they did not receive the email: 
  1. Please ask them to check their Spam and Offers fold­er additionally
  2. If you are using a cor­po­rate email domain, please whitelist our addresses:
  • notifications@​worksection.​com
  • info@​worksection.​com 
If this does not help, please con­tact sup­port.

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