Viewing project

Where can I see the full list of projects?

The list of all active and archived projects can be seen in the Projects tab on the main page of your account.

The page with the list of projects looks like this:

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Where can I view a complete history of the project's events?

In order to see a complete history of all the project’s events, on the Overview page, move your mouse to the Project block and click on the Project menu link. Then choose «Project’s history».

Restrictions! This link, as well as the entire page with the full history, is available only to the Project Manager and Account Administrators.

In chronological order, absolutely all actions of the project participants are arranged here from the creation till archiving. To delete events from the history of the project is impossible, as a result, no action will be left undocumented and hidden from the project manager or administrator. Project activity history looks the following way:

For easy and quick search, you have access to filter by type of event, by the author, and by the task (click in the funnel). If you’re looking for an event and know its approximate date — use the time range.

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