Creating project

Hierarchy of people and projects in Worksection

Worksection has the following structure of projects and tasks:
  • Companies
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Subtasks level 1
  • Subtasks level 2
Projects are grouped by the companies to which they belong.

There are tasks and two levels of subtasks in every project.
Also, there are checklists in every task and subtask which are for simple tasks that do not require deadlines or separate delegation. For example,

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How to create a new project?

Creating a new project is a very simple task. On the system’s Main page or on the Projects page, click on the «Create new project» button.

Enter all the necessary data and confirm the creation of a new project. If there’s any data that you do not know, do not worry — you can easily add or edit it later.

Page creation / editing of the project is as follows:

At the top, there are settings for the title, descriptions, timeframes, and estimates. At the bottom, there are companies involved in the project and their employees that gained access to the project (they are marked).

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How many projects can I create?

As much as your tariff plan allows. For example, in the tariff «Optimum» the number is 25, while in the «Corporate», it is 50. More details about the tariff restrictions can be found on the page Tariff plans and prices.

Please, note! Tariff restrictions are only for active projects and projects in the awaiting status. At the same time, Archived project are not tariffed, i.e. its number is unlimited.

And if none of the tariffs suited you, write to us at [email protected] — we’ll figure something out.

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How to create a template project?

First, create a project and name it, for example, «Template». In the status of this task, mark «Muted» and then fill it with typical tasks and subtasks. The objectives of such project do not appear in the task lists and calendar activity.

Then you just need to bulk copy all tasks from template project to real project.
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