Which dates make it to the calendar?

Calendar records the date of completion of all of your projects as well as tasks, provided they are defined. Moreover, all the birthdays of your employees and customers go there as well. Once the project is closed and moved to the archive, all of its dates are no longer displayed in the calendar.

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Can I just mark important dates for myself in the Calendar?

It is better to use personal calendars, like Google Calendar, for this. Worksection calendar contains only the start and end dates of projects, tasks/ subtasks, and birthdays of employees and clients. If you want to record the date of a certain task completion, then create a task, select the date, and it will automatically be placed in the calendar.

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Can I synchronize Worksection calendar with my personal calendar?

Yes, you can! If your personal calendar supports the iCalendar format, then it is quite simple to sync. On the calendar page, click on «Sync» link at the bottom.

The synchronization window will open. Copy the link from the «Link to calendar» and give it to your personal calendar

iCalendar format is supported by Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar...
If your calendar does not accept links that look like «webcal://», then change it to «webcal://» на «http://» and try again.

As an example, let’s take a look at synchronization with Google Calendar.

While in your Gmail, jump to «Calendar» link in the top menu. Then, on the left, choose «Other calendars» in the menu1. After that, in the pop-up window, choose «Add by URL»2.

In the pop-up window «Add by URL», enter the Worksection calendar link in the «URL» field and click on the «Add calendar» button. The calendar will be added.

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Do all of the participants see the same calendar?

No. In their calendars, people see the end date of the project and the tasks to which they have access. They can also see birthdays only of those people with whom they intersect as participants in projects.

For example, you have created a task that is visible only to your company and set the date for its completion. Consequently, all employees of your company will see its completion date in your calendar, and your customers will not be able to see neither the task itself nor the date of its completion — there will simply be no such records in their calendars.

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What do the colors on the calendar mean?

Color coding key can be found on any calendar page, right below the calendar grid at the bottom left.
Projects are in yellow color, tasks are in blue, and subtasks are in lime green (when they are not closed and currently active and not expired).
Grey color is for timely closed projects/ tasks/ subtasks. The red color shows the delay in completion of open projects/ tasks/ subtasks. After closing the overdue projects/ tasks/ subtasks, red color changes to purple.

When you hover your mouse over a color, it becomes brighter the same way as the colors on the calendar.
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How to change/ view time frames of tasks in the calendar?

To change the time frames of the event, just drag the mouse to the desired date.

The system stores all your changes. After editing, do not forget to click on the «Save» button for the changes to take effect. When you save, you can send notification of changes to the executive and managers.

Please, note! This feature is available only to the managers of the projects and authors of the tasks!

Besides, all time frames of tasks (as well as sub-tasks and projects) can be changed directly when editing. In order to change the date, you need to specify a new end date in the task (subtask or project) editing mode. All changes will be updated in your calendar automatically but you can do this only if you have the permissions to change the data of the project or task.
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How to view the birthday list of employees and clients?

The list of birthdays of employees and clients is shown in the calendar and is marked with a special icon next to the name the employee. In addition, Worksection always reminds you of the upcoming birthdays in a daily email digest.

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In the calendar, can I view the completion dates only for my tasks?

Of course. In order to do this, the calendar has a dynamic filter that helps filtering tasks by project, author, and executive of tasks.

In the Filters panel, click on the icon in the drop-down context menu and select «Filter tasks». Set the necessary parameters and click «Filter».

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