Creating tasks

How to add a new task (or a multiple tasks at once)?

While on one of the project’s pages, click on the «Create task» in the main menu.

You will see a page for creating a task. On this page, you can add the following information:

  1. name of the task
  2. choose priority
  3. assign the executive of the task (you can leave the task without an assigned executive)
  4. set labels and statuses of the task
  5. set timeframes (start-finish or deadline) for the task
  6. enter estimates for the task (time and finances)
  7. enter the detailed description of the task
  8. attach files to the task
  9. subscribe to /unsubscribe other employees from the task
  10. limit the visibility of the task

You can also create groups of tasks, and with the help of special arrows, change the hierarchy of the tasks. In other words, you can add tasks, as well as their sub-tasks, and even their sub-sub-tasks, all at once.
In order to complete this action, click on the «Add multiple tasks» button.

Enter all the data and click «Create task».

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How to set tasks without an executive?

To set tasks without an executive, just leave the «Executive» box empty. Responsibility for such tasks can be taken by any member of the project team.

Please, note! If the project you set has a default executive, then the user you’ve assigned will be shown in the Executive field. In order to remove an executive, just move your mouse in the box and click «Remove».

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How to create a regular task (repeating)? How to cancel the repetition of a task?

Any task that must be carried out again can be made regular, whether it is a weekly report for the client, monthly payroll, or quarterly tax report. In order to enable repetition, choose «repeat» item in the modal window of window setting.

In the time frames setting window, there will appear a menu with repetitions options.

1 — You can cancel any repetition of the task by just disabling the option
2 — Installation options for further developments after the closure of a repeating task

A repeating task can have two options of further development after the closing of a task:

1 option: Create a new task

After the closure of a repeating task, a new task with the new time frame (or range) is created according to the schedule of repetitions. This is the default algorithm.

2 option: Data transfer

Use this type of repetitions for periodic tasks that do not require reporting and allow for non-completion. It will not be a copy of a closed problem but the same open task. Immediately after closing, it opens again with the next scheduled date of repetition.

For this, move the slider to the transfer date position.

Please, note! It is not necessary to close this type of task. Such task will not be burning and will move the time frame to the next day or a period of repetition according to the schedule. Such type of repetitions is convenient to use as a reminder about certain regular events.

All repeating tasks are marked with the following icon1.

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How to enter estimates and costs to the task?

Entering estimates1 can be done when creating or editing a task:

Also, you can enter the actual costs. In order to do this, click on the «Costs» icon in the upper part of the task’s description.

In the window that appears, enter the time spent1 and money2 as well as what has been done in the corresponding graphs. Then, click the «Add» button. If necessary, several descriptions can be added. When done entering the costs, click on «X» to close the window.

Change and set the estimates right from the costs entering window:

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How to add a checklist?

A checklist can be added using an option in the visual editor, which converts any text list into a checklist after the publication.

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How to create a task from a comment?

Any comment can be transformed to a task. For this, use the context menu of three dots in the upper-hand corner and choose «Make a task» option

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