Can I view documents and pictures online?

To view the con­tents of files and doc­u­ments direct­ly in the brows­er online, click on the thumb­nail image and it will open in full screen (with­out leav­ing the cur­rent page).

And let’s read the con­tent of the document:

  • on the pan­el, you can see all the files that are attached to a cer­tain com­ment or task
  • if the image is larg­er than your screen, we’ll reduce it and let you know the per­cent­age of the reduc­tion. Click­ing in a small area of the reduced copy that inter­ests you, you increase the image to its actu­al size
  • turn over the images using the mouse or by press­ing «Left / right arrow»
  • press­ing the «ctrl + right arrow / ctrl + Left arrow», you move the line of thumbnails
  • if you press ENTER or «ctrl + down arrow» — you will be prompt­ed to down­load the cur­rent file
  • You can get a direct link to the viewed file — chain icon at the bot­tom right side
  • if you are view­ing a trans­par­ent PNG / GIF for­mat — we’ll show it to you in all its glory 
  • if you would like to view DOC, PSD or XLS for­mats — we will show it with the help of Google nanotechnologies

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I can not upload a very large file. Why?

Cur­rent­ly, there is a lim­it of 400 MB for all tar­iff plans. For Pre­mi­um — 4 GB.

But you can always use a ser­vice like drop​box​.com or box​.com and add a link to the file to your account.

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How much space do I have for the files in my account?

The size of the disk space of your account depends on your ser­vice plan. You can always check how much space you have avail­able and how much is used on the pageAccount > Pay­ment in the right block of «Account details».

For paid accounts, «Cor­po­rate» and above, there is a pos­si­bil­i­ty of link­ing your own FTP repos­i­to­ry. In this case, you remove all the lim­its and can down­load as many files as the hard disk of your serv­er allows.
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How can I limit access to a file?

In the Files section, click one or several files whose access you wish to limit, and choose «Visibility»1 in the menu that appeared on the top.

In the window of file visibility limitation, mark those people whom you wish to grant access to this file and click «Apply». All other project participants will not have access to the file and will not be able to see it.

In Worksection, you can limit the visibility of a task or your comment, and the files attached to this task or comment will automatically receive the same restrictions. For example, you create a task and make it available only for people from your company, which means that that all the files that you attach to this task will also be available only for your company.

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How to assign labels to files?

By default, every file inherits labels of its task.
However, when needed, you have an opportunity to label any file with a different set of labels. This can be done in the «Files» section by choosing the required file1 and using corresponding menu item for bulk operations2:

A window that says «Manage labels» will pop up. This is where you can choose the required labels1 (when choosing the labels, they become highlighted in different colors) and click on «Apply»2. The labels that you chose will be assigned.

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Actions with a group of files

There is a menu of bulk oper­a­tions for that in the sys­tem. When you mark one or sev­er­al files, in the top part of the screen appears a menu of bulk operations.

Types of bulk operations:
  • Down­load — down­load all of the select­ed files in .zip archive
  • Links — dis­play http-links to all select­ed files in the win­dow (each file on a sep­a­rate line)
  • Vis­i­bil­i­ty — set who can see these files
  • Stages and labels — assign labels to the select­ed files 
  • Delete— delete all select­ed files from a project

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How to attach previously uploaded files?

Click on previously uploaded in the comment box:

You will see a window where previously uploaded images are shown. When you hover over them, they will zoom out1 and there you will see two system folders, CLIP и MOBILE2 — where all the files ever copied or downloaded are automatically stored. Click on the desired file, and then click on Attach:

Also, attach previously uploaded files from other projects. In order ot do this, just simply switch to another project by clicking on the title of the current one3:

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Uploading files as an archive from a project

In the project, go to the Files section. Click on the ellipsis menu and select Download as archive.
All files added to the project will be downloaded in one archive. 

The system will show you the entire process of archiving and uploading files and notify you when it is complete. All files that have been added to the project will be uploaded, including files hosted on the Worksection cloud storage, files hosted on Google drives, and on your company's FTP drive. 

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