How to get into Account settings?

Permissions Account owner and Account administrator with permissions «Access to account settings and payments» have access to this section.

The Account section consists of several blocks:
  • Payment plan
  • Account settings
  • Stages and labels
  • Security
  • Import

You can switch to the necessary block using one of the following ways:

Option 1

Click your avatar1 in the top right hand corner, and then click «Account»2:

Choose the section you would like to go (the «Account settings» block will be displayed by default):

Option 2

On any page of your account, next to the company name, click the «three dots» menu1 and choose the section2 you would like to go:

Hotkeys To quickly switch to the account settings use a combination ⌘ + Alt + A (for МасOS) or Ctrl + Alt + A (for other OS).
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