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What is a Personal Menu?

Personal Menu is a set of drop-down lists in the top right corner of every page.

Why is it called «personal»? It is because all of its elements pertain only to you or your work in an account.

  • Bell — your notifications;
  • My projects — drop-down list of all the projects that you participate in;
  • My tasks — drop-down list of all your tasks;
  • Star — tasks that you saved as favorites and saved pages with filters;
  • Hamburger Menu has your notepad, directs you to your profile, and also enables you to switch between your accounts (if you have several of them).
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My tasks/ Where do I see the list of all the tasks assigned to me?

With this item, you can quickly access the list of all the tasks and subtasks assigned to you among all active projects.

This is how the My tasks drop-down menu approximately looks like:

1 — A quick search of the desired task in the list.

2 — Selection of convenient types of task sorting (by priority, by due date, and by title).

3 — A switch that allows you to view the tasks where you are the author or the executive.

4 — A list of all your tasks, sorted by due date.2

5 — An option of viewing this same list on pages that allow obtaining the most complete and diversified information on this set of tasks.
6 — Panel with an option of opening the list of elements (preview in the window or jump directly to the detailed and complete task page).

How to take a task off from this list?

In order for a task or sub-task to be «gone» from the list of My tasks, it needs to be closed, or responsibility for it needs to be transferred to another person.

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My projects / Quick access to active projects

With the help of this item, you can access all the active projects that you are a part of, and it can be done from any of your account pages. It helps to quickly switch between projects without the need to return to the Main page.

My projects drop-down list looks approximately like this:

1 — Form of a Quick Search (relevant when there are many projects).
2 — List of recent projects, with which you have worked (maximum of five)
3 — Total active projects list (groups are formed from the main companies).
4 — Jump to the archive (if you cannot find your project in the list, check archive).

Please, note! Projects that are particularly important for you can be marked with a star, which will facilitate their visual search and speed up the switch.
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My favorites / How to save tasks or lists of tasks into bookmarks?

In the upper right corner, there is a menu item where all your bookmarks are stored. This may be particular tasks or list of tasks or reports.
Drop down list Bookmarks looks the following way:

1 — Fast search of the desired bookmark in the list.

2 — Selection by the convenient type of sorting for the tasks marked with a star (by priority, completion date, and title).

3 — A list of all account assignments that have been marked with a star by you. To remove an item from the list — simply «remove» a star

4 — A list of account pages you have saved by using marked samplings and filters. To delete a saved page, click on the following icon .

5 — Button to save any page in your account to your bookmarks.

6 — Setting up ways to open tasks with a star (preview or transition to detailed and complete task page).

How to save tasks?

In order to add a task to Bookmarks, it needs to be marked with a star. This can be done on a common task list as well as on the detailed page for each task. To do this, simply click on the gray star next to the title.

1 — Click on the grey star next to the name of a task or subtask it will mark it with an orange star and automatically add to the drop-down list Bookmarks.

2 — Task has already been marked with a star and added to the bookmarks. Another click on the orange star «takes off» the mark and automatically takes it off from the list of bookmarks .

Please, note! Taking off the star can be done not only from the detailed view but also from the drop-down list of tasks with the star

How to save ant dynamic task list?

You can save any dynamic tasks list to your favorites. For example, jump to Tasks and set up a list of tasks, which will start next week. After that, save this list to your favorites, and it will be easily accessible and updated automatically. By the same principle, you can save reports, for example, you can configure and save reports by the completed tasks in the past week.

Method № 1
Open the context menu on the right of the filter panel, select «Bookmarks», and write the name of a bookmark that is easy to understand, and then click «Add»:

Method № 2
Expand Bookmarks1 from the personal menu and click on a big star2 in the bottom of the screen. Edit the name of the page to be saved and click «Add»:

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Where are the personal settings of the account?

All of your personal settings are on the profile page.

1 — set the interface language
2 — connect social networks (easy sign-in)
3 — a personal Google Drive connection
4 — set email notifications
5 — set push notifications
6 — set system notifications
7 — set your own comments
8 — set daily morning notifications
9 — jump to the affiliate program. Do you like us? Recommend us and get paid for bringing us new clients.

Please, note! Email notifications are a very important tool of communication when working in Worksection. We do not recommend turning off all of the notifications (block 3).
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How to change contact info or avatar?

To change the password, open the settings of your profile. For this, open the top menu () and select «Settings and Profile»1.

Profile Settings

1 — privacy management, visibility of contacts and online status
2 — name, your picture, and read to use avatar
3 — company, section, and position
4 — language, gender, birthday
5 — Contact information (opens when you click on «+»)

Choosing avatar

To select avatars or upload pictures, click on the avatar in the current profile. In the window that appears, choose the color of your avatar1, and then one of the 70 unique faces2. If you want to upload your photo — click «Upload new»3.

Reminder! After making changes, do not forget to click «Save» button in order for changes to take effect.
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How to change my password?

Click on your profile icon at the upper right corner of the screen and click on Profile to open your Profile settings.

Click Change password1 and add the new password2.  
Do not forget to click Save3 to save your changes.

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