What is Google integration for?

Google inte­gra­tion allows you to view and edit doc­u­ments online, as well as con­nect your per­son­al Google Drive.

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Connecting Google integration

Google integration allows you to view and edit documents online, as well as connect your personal Google Drive.
You can enable/disable this feature in
Account -> Account settings -> Google integration1.

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Connecting your personal Google Drive

You can upload files directly from your Google Drive. But you need to enable Google integration first.
To upload files from your Google Drive to Worksection, you need to activate access to your Google Drive in your Profile. To do this, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select

Then enable access to Google Drive.

After that, you will be redirected to a page with the following request, where you need to click on
After that, when you create a task or comment, a Google Drive sign will appear, which will start selecting files from your storage.

Physically, the files remain in your Google Drive under your full control, and users see the most recent and up-to-date version. If you connect documents, spreadsheets, or presentations from your Google Drive, only you can allow/deny editing.

Attention: If you delete a file or change the access level to a file on your Google Drive, it will automatically make it unavailable in Worksection.

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Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations inside your account

First of all, you need to enable inte­gra­tion with Google Dri­ve.

To cre­ate doc­u­ments, spread­sheets, and pre­sen­ta­tions right in your account, just click on the doc­u­ment icon and select the type — Pre­sen­ta­tion, Spread­sheet, or Docs. This option is avail­able wher­ev­er you can attach files. 

After you select the type, the new Google doc­u­ment will open in a new win­dow. You can spec­i­fy the name of the doc­u­ment1 when writ­ing it, or in the Work­sec­tion when sav­ing a task or com­ment. When you’re done cre­at­ing your doc­u­ment, just close the page (the doc­u­ment is saved auto­mat­i­cal­ly) and leave a com­ment or task.

Tip The Edit Doc­u­ments slider2 allows oth­er account mem­bers to edit this file. By default, this option is active, but you can restrict edit­ing access if nec­es­sary. 

Please note! Doc­u­ments and files are stored in Work­sec­tion drafts for a day.

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Online document editing in Worksection

When you create a document1, presentation, or spreadsheet, as well as when you upload such documents, you can enable/disable their online editing using a special switch2.

Please note! The editing option is enabled by default.

You can enable or disable editing of a document at any time. To do this, simply turn the editing option on or off in the view mode. This can be done by the document author, project manager, and account administrators.

Editing will be available to all employees who have access to a particular file (task or subtask with a file). In addition, they will all be able to edit the document at the same time and see the history of changes. When you are done editing the document, simply close the page (the document is saved automatically).

If you have a Google account, you can view the history of changes to your documents. To do this, open the document in full screen mode (click on the document icon in the file list with ctrl/⌘ pressed or on the icon  in document view). And then in the File menu, select See revision history (or press ⌘ + Alt + Shift + G).

Important! When you disable collaborative editing, the final version of the document is uploaded to your Worksection account and the entire revision history is lost.

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