1. Registration in the Partnership Program

Before reg­is­tra­tion and start­ing the Work­sec­tion Part­ner­ship Pro­gram we rec­om­mend you to read our Part­ner­ship Agree­ment and oth­er relat­ed doc­u­ments

With the set­tings menu of your pro­file in the Work­sec­tion account, in the low­er right cor­ner of the screen, go to the sec­tion with the Part­ner­ship Pro­gram by click­ing the appro­pri­ate link 1.

In the appear­ing Part­ner­ship Request Form, please, fill in the required fields and com­plete the reg­is­tra­tion in the Part­ner­ship Program.

☝️Note! If you have already been a mem­ber of the Work­sec­tion Part­ner­ship Pro­gram before, con­tact us using this link and we will offer you the best con­di­tions for future cooperation.
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2. Partner levels

Our Part­ner­ship Pro­gram has 5 levels:

  1. Refer­ral lev­els — Iron and Bronze
  2. For advanced inte­gra­tors — Sil­ver, Gold, Platinum

To start work­ing with the Part­ner­ship Pro­gram, choose the appro­pri­ate lev­el accord­ing to your needs, expe­ri­ence and capabilities:

  • Iron — a basic lev­el for start­ing coop­er­a­tion. Fixed income for attract­ing each new client. Send your per­son­al refer­ral link to friends and acquain­tances, add it to your arti­cles and posts.
  • Sil­ver — a lev­el for con­fi­dent and expe­ri­enced sell­ers, con­sul­tants, inte­gra­tors with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to increase their income.

The Part­ner­ship Pro­gram allows you to eas­i­ly raise your Part­ner lev­el and receive high­er rewards, pro­vid­ed you meet the rel­e­vant require­ments. You can read about the con­di­tions for mov­ing to the next lev­el on the main page of your Part­ner account.

Detailed infor­ma­tion on the dif­fer­ences of each lev­el can also be found in the Tools sec­tion, and by the cor­re­spond­ing link in the Part­ner­ship Handbook.

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3. Partner account

The Part­ner account con­sists of two sec­tions — the Menu of the Part­ner account 1 and the sec­tion for with­draw­ing funds 2.

3.1 Main page (Dash­board)

The main page of the menu allows you to view the Part­ner’s sta­tis­tics on engaged cus­tomers, get a Refer­ral link, invite a new com­pa­ny and change the lev­el of the Part­ner­ship Program.

3.2 Tools

The Tools page (sim­i­lar to the Invite a com­pa­ny” on the main page) allows you to invite one or more com­pa­nies by send­ing an email invi­ta­tion 1 to the respon­si­ble employees.

Your refer­ral link 2 is also avail­able on this page, which you can copy or add the nec­es­sary text 3 and share in social net­works (Face­book, Twit­ter, What­sApp, Telegram) 4.

3.3 Q&A

A sec­tion with ref­er­ence infor­ma­tion and fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions about the Part­ner­ship Program.

3.4 Documents

A sec­tion with nec­es­sary doc­u­ments. The set of doc­u­ments in this sec­tion may vary depend­ing on the Part­ner lev­el. We rec­om­mend you to read our Hand­book on Part­ner­ship Pro­gram, where we have all nec­es­sary information.

3.5 Help

Allows you to send a quick request to our tech­ni­cal sup­port ser­vice. We will be hap­py to help you with any issues relat­ed to the Part­ner­ship Program.

3.6 Log out

For log­ging out from your Part­ner account.

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4. Options for receiving payments

You can receive your finan­cial reward via Pay­Pal or fund your Work­sec­tion account with addi­tion­al bonus.

To with­draw the reward, click the With­draw 1 but­ton in the low­er left part of the screen and then select the with­draw­al method — Pay­Pal or Work­sec­tion account.

☝️Note! When fund­ing your Work­sec­tion account with your finan­cial reward you will get a 20% bonus.

5.1 With­draw­al to Pay­Pal 1:

Please enter the with­draw­al amount 2, your Pay­Pal email 3 and click the With­draw to Pay­Pal 4 but­ton to com­plete the transaction.

5.2 With­draw­al to the account bal­ance 1:

To replen­ish the account bal­ance, please spec­i­fy the desired amount 2, the account address 3 in the for­mat https://​accaunt​name​.work​sec​tion​.com and click the With­draw to Work­sec­tion 4 but­ton to com­plete the operation.

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5. Partner statistics

The sta­tis­tics are avail­able on the Home­page of the Part­ner account.

The infor­ma­tion includes:

  1. Partner’s name and email
  2. Part­ner lev­el — your cur­rent Part­ner level
  3. Cur­rent bonus — the amount or per­cent­age of the finan­cial reward accord­ing to your Part­ner lev­el (a 25$ one-time bonus, 30% from the client’s pay­ment etc.)
  4. Part­ner accounts — sta­tis­tics for involved Part­ner accounts:
  • active - a num­ber of active accounts for the cur­rent period,
  • frozen  are the accounts, which were not sub­scribed for the next period,
  • delet­ed are the accounts which were delet­ed by the owners.

All trans­ac­tions (the num­ber of deals) is the total num­ber of involved new cus­tomers who have paid for at least one month.

Active accounts are all cur­rent accounts that have made one or more pay­ments for using the service.

Earned reward is the total amount of all funds that were accrued accord­ing to the con­di­tions of the cur­rent and pre­vi­ous part­ner levels.

With­drawn mon­ey — the total amount of all funds that were suc­cess­ful­ly with­drawn by the partner.
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6. Adding new customers by a partner

The part­ner can inde­pen­dent­ly choose to attract new cus­tomers, with cer­tain restric­tions — for exam­ple, the part­ner can NOT place adver­tise­ments on sites that do not belong to him or trans­mit adver­tise­ments to third par­ties. It is strict­ly for­bid­den to pro­mote the ser­vice in any way in the russ­ian fed­er­a­tion. In this case, the part­ner­ship agree­ment will be terminated.

Send­ing invi­ta­tions to poten­tial clients by email is now avail­able in your part­ner account.

In the Email invi­ta­tion field, you can spec­i­fy one or more email address­es of recipients.

In the field Refer­ral link in social net­works, you can edit the mes­sage with addi­tion­al text of your own.

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8. Editing of own data

To review or change your own data, click the but­ton in the low­er left cor­ner of the part­ner account 1.

In a new win­dow, you can view the cur­rent Part­ner lev­el and edit your own infor­ma­tion (First and Last Name, Email, Phone Num­ber) and the tar­get coun­try where you plan to attract the most customers.

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9. Frequently asked questions and answers

9.1 How can I become a part­ner of Worksection?

It’s very sim­ple. You reg­is­ter an account in Work­sec­tion (https://​work​sec​tion​.com) and go to the Part­ner Cab­i­net in the set­tings of your account. If you want to join the pro­gram as an Inte­gra­tor, fill out a short appli­ca­tion form. We will review it and con­firm your status.

9.2 Which lev­el of part­ner­ship is right for me?

We have sev­er­al types of part­ner­ship. If you just want to share a refer­ral link, rec­om­mend Work­sec­tion in a friend­ly con­ver­sa­tion or social media post, choose the Refer­ral Part­ner type. We take care of the demo pre­sen­ta­tion, con­sul­ta­tion, and contract.

If you can not only find clients but also con­sult, teach, and help them inte­grate Work­sec­tion into their busi­ness process­es, then the Inte­gra­tor lev­el is for you. There is more respon­si­bil­i­ty here, but also more con­trol over the sales process and high­er rewards.

9.3 Where can I find my refer­ral link?

Your refer­ral link is in your Part­ner Cab­i­net. If you have already reg­is­tered in Work­sec­tion, log in to your cab­i­net with this link https://​work​sec​tion​.com/​u​a​/​p​a​r​t​n​e​r​s​h​i​p​.html

9.4 Is there a sales plan?

No, we do not require any plans from part­ners. You con­trol how many clients you attract. And when you reach a cer­tain num­ber of them, your lev­el and per­cent­age of pay­outs for new clients auto­mat­i­cal­ly increase.

9.5 Who is respon­si­ble for the demo pre­sen­ta­tion and sales at each level?

Refer­ral part­ners bring leads through their link, and our team con­ducts the demo pre­sen­ta­tion and sales.

Inte­gra­tors inde­pen­dent­ly lead leads to pur­chase, includ­ing con­sul­ta­tions and ser­vice pre­sen­ta­tions. But if nec­es­sary, they can turn to our sales team for help at any stage.

9.6 Are there any bonus­es for referred clients?

Yes, at the Refer­ral Part­ner lev­el, all referred clients receive a $25 bonus on their account after they make their first pay­ment for the ser­vice (month­ly, year­ly, etc.). No addi­tion­al bonus­es for clients are pro­vid­ed at oth­er levels.

9.7 Are there any addi­tion­al bonus­es for with­draw­ing to Work­sec­tion account?

Yes, when you with­draw bonus­es to pay for Work­sec­tion account, we will addi­tion­al­ly increase the pay­outs by 20%. You can deposit bonus­es to any account.

9.8 How much time does a client have to sign up and make a payment?

When a client signs up through your refer­ral link, they have 14 days to test the ser­vice and make a pay­ment. Inte­gra­tors can add a new client by send­ing us the name of the account, the email address used for reg­is­tra­tion, and the date of reg­is­tra­tion until the client makes their first pay­ment for the service.

9.9 How are bonus­es calculated?

When a client makes a pay­ment (min­i­mum peri­od of 1 month), we cal­cu­late the cor­re­spond­ing per­cent­ages for the part­ner after 31 days, which will be reflect­ed in the Part­ner Dashboard.

9.10 Where can I mon­i­tor referred clients and receive payouts?

Regard­less of the type of part­ner­ship pro­gram, you will have access to the Part­ner Dash­board with infor­ma­tion on pay­ments from referred clients, accrued and paid bonuses.

9.11 How and when will I receive bonuses?

Bonus­es are cal­cu­lat­ed 31 days after the clien­t’s pay­ment is made. After that, you can request a bonus pay­out at any time from your per­son­al account. The min­i­mum amount for with­draw­al is $50.

Pay­ments for part­ners reg­is­tered in Ukraine are made in the nation­al cur­ren­cy at the offi­cial exchange rate of the Nation­al Bank of Ukraine on the day the bonus­es are paid out.

9.12 What can I do with­in the refer­ral program?

To earn through the refer­ral pro­gram, you can pro­mote Work­sec­tion to your audi­ence in any way that does not vio­late our rules. Here are some pos­si­ble options:

  • Con­tent mar­ket­ing: post­ing on social media, pub­lish­ing arti­cles, client case stud­ies, ser­vice reviews, and com­par­isons on your web­site or blog, on oth­er rel­e­vant resources;
  • Plac­ing exam­ples of Work­sec­tion work in edu­ca­tion­al materials;
  • Video reviews, pub­lish­ing edu­ca­tion­al video con­tent using infor­ma­tion about Worksection;
  • Email mar­ket­ing: using pro­mo mate­ri­als in mailings;
  • Per­son­al recommendations.

9.13 What is con­sid­ered a vio­la­tion of the terms of the refer­ral partnership?

There are sev­er­al impor­tant rules that, if vio­lat­ed, we do not accrue a com­mis­sion, and in some cas­es, we can block your part­ner account.

We pro­hib­it:

  • Plac­ing any type of paid adver­tis­ing using a refer­ral link for brand­ed queries, such as Work­sec­tion, Ворксекшн, etc.;
  • Reg­is­ter­ing domains and pages on social net­works with names that sound like Work­sec­tion, Ворксекшн in any vari­a­tions and spellings;
  • Using any meth­ods that may be con­sid­ered spam: email mail­ings, posts, pub­li­ca­tions on forums, and open/​closed com­mu­ni­ties, such as Telegram, Slack, and others;
  • Plac­ing a refer­ral link on dis­count aggre­ga­tor sites and sites that pro­vide infor­ma­tion on discounts;
  • Pro­vid­ing any false infor­ma­tion about the ser­vice, as well as infor­ma­tion that harms the image of the Work­sec­tion com­pa­ny. Assign­ing ser­vice func­tion­al­i­ty that it does not have;
  • Pay­ing for your account in the ser­vice with your refer­ral link.

Please note that the Work­sec­tion team makes every effort to make the Part­ner Pro­gram as ben­e­fi­cial as pos­si­ble for all par­ties. We hope for the hon­esty of our part­ners, but reserve the right to review the con­di­tions or com­plete­ly refuse to coop­er­ate with part­ners whose actions cause sus­pi­cion, are manip­u­la­tive, or fraudulent.

9.14 Where can I get mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als for promotion?

All nec­es­sary mate­ri­als and your part­ner badge are avail­able in your Part­ner Cab­i­net. You can also con­tact our sup­port team and request addi­tion­al mate­ri­als. They will pro­vide you with the nec­es­sary mate­ri­als and answer any ques­tions you may have about the refer­ral program.

9.15 How much can I earn?

Let’s con­sid­er exam­ple with annu­al pay­ments for the Inte­gra­tor level:

Inte­gra­tor lev­el Gold­en (25%): 3 new clients per month, with the Basic pack­age for $49, with an annu­al pay­ment = 36 clients per year / $5292 total reward for the first year.

Note! Pay­ments for each referred client will con­tin­ue as long as they use and pay for the service.

If you have any ques­tions relat­ed to the Work­sec­tion affil­i­ate pro­gram, please con­tact us direct­ly at info@​worksection.​com.

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