29 January 2020   •   Алексей Бондаренко   •   2 min read

COXO Digital: The Way We Changed from Basecamp to Worksection

Alexander Kaydannik
In the course of development, companies need to revise tools they use to solve business tasks. A system for management of digital projects is one of such essential tools. Alexander Kaydannik, CEO of the COXO Digital Agency , will tell us about the reasons why his company has transferred from Basecamp to Worksection and about the advantages of the service which are most significant for managing projects in a digital agency.

One of the first projects of COXO was managing the Internet reputation and web production for the Yakitoria chain of restaurants. Alexander recollects that at the first stage of COXO’s life, its tasks were not very complex, thus Basecamp was used to manage projects. As the agency was growing, projects going far beyond the digital framework started to emerge. It became even more difficult to arrange and control them.

How Worksection was selected to manage digital projects?

Alexander explains: the system underlying COXO Digital’s work was reached not at once: «Over the period of the agency’s activity, we have tried many systems for project management in digital production. For a long time, we did not manage to find a product which we would deem to be ours, thus we continued to experiment. I cannot even remember the way we got to know about Worksection. Naturally, we decided to try this system. At that time, WS covered all our needs, such as analysis, time tracking and timing».

Immediately after the connection, Worksection specialists came to us and asked what we would like to add into the system for the product to become ultimately convenient for us in particular. It is cool when the developer of some major and popular software contacts a small local agency to directly ask for suggestions how to further improve the product.

Alexander confesses that Worksection is the most convenient system to manage projects for development of websites, web applicatios and many other things. Due to using the actual user experience, Worksection has provided a number of helpful functions which facilitate COXO Digital’s dealing with such market leaders as Nestle, Mary Kay, Vodafone, L’Oreal and Pepsi.

Worksection is currently the most convenient project management system for us. I definitely recommend it to digital agencies, production studios and to other companies needing to coordinate actions of numerous project groups, including those involving outsource services.

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