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ROMAN.UA: At first, we “spied” on Worksection used by others, and now others are “spying” on us using it

Roman Rybalchenko

About the Roman.ua agency:

  • The team consists of 7 persons;
  • 25 projects executed per month;
  • from January 2015, projects have been managed through Worksection.

Roman Rybalchenko, the founder of Roman.ua, an agency for effective internet marketing, has outlined the convenience and efficiency in building up customer interaction and internal activity.

Both for customers and for ourselves

Before January 2015, i.e. before starting to cooperate with Worksection, we had tried a lot of various services which did not suit us for certain reasons. In contrast, everything is very convenient and beneficial here. If you want to get some employee or customer involved in work — you connect them, and if you want to disconnect them, you just make such removal. It is not chargeable additionally. The comments and responses are designed to let you respond immediately in your mail, without opening the system, and you know that everything will get aligned. And, of course, you have an outstanding possibility to create tasks and subtasks with restricted access.

In general, we use Worksection on a daily basis and in all our projects which we have approximately 25 per month.
Moreover, we use the service not only for dealing with customers, but also to maintain our internal activity, i.e. in everything handled by the agency: mailing, preparation of podcasts, salaries and many other things.

From simplicity to complexity

One of the main tools that we use is the timer. It affects both the agency’s pricing and the motivation system for the employees. The timer is ultimately important to figure out the time consumed by definite tasks, such as training, development, creating business processes, sales etc.

We keep plan/actual records based on the time necessary to fulfill tasks rather than on their number.

We usually provide customers with quite complicated things for internet marketing. Worksection enables us to break down large projects into simpler tasks and subtasks, to set deadlines and to make these transparent for the customer. Thus at any time, the customer can view progress phases of certain points, as well as any updates for the project.

Full transparency

We operate in a transparent manner, and this service makes it possible for us to convey such transparency to our customers. Due to the system of reports, the customer can see the amount of time (accurate to the minute) spent by us, which is not questioned then in any way. Basically, we use reports in two cases: to inform the customer about the work we have done, and when we summarize results by using the motivation system for our employees at the end of each month. These include the number of hours worked by each of them, the exact projects handled, and, respectively, the remuneration earned.


Any task should be fulfilled well, in an optimal manner and promptly, not to waste time paid by the customer for things not likely to yield the maximum result.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

As for me, Worksection will be primarily suitable for small teams handling many projects at once. These are marketing agencies, digital agencies, website development companies etc. I am sure that this service will also work out in many other fields, but I am talking about categories closer to us. I know many marketing agencies utilizing Worksection. By the way, I «spied» on them using this system. And so far, one of our customers has «spied» on us operating it, and now he is introducing Worksection into his activities.

You need just to try it, to connect the first people, to set the first tasks, to start working in a new way, and to make the relevant decision for yourself.

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