25 July 2022   •   Дмитрий Худенко   •   2 min read

Integration with Viber

Our team has prepared a new integration that will simplify project management, task control and reaction to different events related to them, with the help of one of the popular messengers.

Worksection has already implemented integrations with such messengers as Slack and Telegram. Now we have also added a Viber integration.

This integration will be useful for those who regularly use Viber as the main business messenger to communicate with colleagues.

About Viber

Viber is a popular application for calls and messaging, mostly in Greece, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and some Asian markets. As of March 2020, Viber has about 1.169 billion registered users worldwide. In Ukraine, 41% of users use Viber to communicate with colleagues and as a work chat, according to Carat report (2020).

How to connect?

Integration with Viber is available on all new tariff plans as well as for all users with any rights in Worksection. You can easily connect the messenger in the settings of your Profile and select necessary events for which notifications will be received.

Integration possibilities

The Viber bot can transfer the necessary events from your Worksection account and help organize all routines on projects and tasks, namely:
  • view a list of all available projects
  • read the list of tasks for each project
  • view a team for a specific project
  • create and describe a task
  • reply to the desired comment

You can learn more details about the available integrations and their settings in the section of Questions and Answers (FAQ) on our website.

We continue to work on evolving the functionality of Worksection and making project and task management as simple and convenient as possible for anyone.

Let us know what functions you need or would like to see in our system in the future the comments to this post.

Thank you for choosing our project and task management service!
Worksection team

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