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2016 Update Announcement

Dear friends, we would like to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and express our gratitude for spending this year with us. And, of course, we wish you all the best in the New Year!

In order to make all these wishes come true, we do everything in our power, namely, we do not take vacations and continue the work process going, so right after the holidays you can enjoy incredibly convenient new functional features of your Worksection accounts. Here is a brief list of what will be coming in the beginning of the new year.

Subscription and Notifications

  • @ mentions — employee referencing in the text with consequent notification.
  • One-time opportunity to notify one or more non-subscribed participants.
  • One-time opportunity not to notify one or more participants.
  • Project Invitation to new people «on the fly».
  • Combining subscription with limited visibility.
  • The new system of inviting people to your account.

Time and deadlines

  • The exact time of task completion.
  • Accounting for the weekends in the task planning and task transfers.
  • The beginning and end of a business day to limit notifications.
  • The new system of regular repetitions, which is incredibly convenient and flexible.
  • Deadlines options. The task has a completion date or a Start-Finish range.
  • The number of working days. When planning, now you do not need to specify the completion date but use the number of business days (Mon-Fri) needed for the task instead.

Working with tasks

  • Tasks that do not have a specific person in charge or tasks that can be taken by any employee.
  • Option of bulk tasks adding with an opportunity to change the hierarchy. You will be able to add not only a «pack» of tasks but also all its sub-tasks.
  • Independent list of subscribers to each task.
  • I am a subscriber — new opportunities of sorting tasks that you are tracking.

Also, keyboard shortcuts and many useful small UX and UI improvements.

Have a Successful New Year!

Worksection Team

Suzwon 18 January 2016
As of now, can I edit "task completion" date?
Chyngys 19 January 2016
You need to be a task's author or "admin with tasks privileges".

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