4 July 2023   •   Дмитрий Худенко   •   2 min read

Enhanced search capabilities and other improvements

Our team is work­ing on a sig­nif­i­cant update to Work­sec­tion, which we’ll present in more detail short­ly. We also strive to reg­u­lar­ly improve the cur­rent ver­sion by adding new use­ful features.

Recent­ly, we wrote about inte­gra­tions with CRM sys­tems, and now we would like to tell you about oth­er minor updates to the service.

Infor­ma­tion Search

The gen­er­al search has been improved with the fol­low­ing capabilities:

  • Search by project or task num­ber — find the desired task or project by its inter­nal num­ber (ID).

Tip You can find the project and task IDs in the browser’s address bar while being in the respec­tive task.

For exam­ple, https://​yourac​count​.work​sec​tion​.ua/​p​r​o​j​e​c​t​/​253004​/​8788136/,
where 253004 is the project ID, and 8788136 is the task ID.

  • Search by mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters — now you can search for infor­ma­tion using a com­bi­na­tion of 1 – 2 char­ac­ters. You need to press Enter” after enter­ing the char­ac­ters to ini­ti­ate the search.

Please note The search is per­formed based on a sep­a­rate name or a part of a word when it is sep­a­rat­ed by a space or sym­bols such as a com­ma, dash, brack­ets, etc. (e.g., search­ing for TK” for the name TK-132V or TK 132V). How­ev­er, the search will not work if the char­ac­ters are sim­ply part of a word (e.g., search­ing for TK” for the name TK132V).

Advanced Search. It has also been improved and allows you to search for even more infor­ma­tion. The search prin­ci­ple for short words (23 char­ac­ters) is the same as in the above example.


You can now copy tasks along with their sta­tus­es.


Added a timer icon for admin­is­tra­tors to the top-right menu, which opens a list of all timers.

In addi­tion, we have fixed minor bugs, redesigned some icons, and added oth­er improvements.

Please leave your wish­es and sug­ges­tions regard­ing the func­tion­al­i­ty you need in our ser­vice in the com­ments to this post.

Thank you for choos­ing our service!
The Work­sec­tion Team

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