8 November 2016   •   Чингіc Барінов   •   2 min read

Changes on "Free" payment plan

Hello, WS friends!

We are informing you that a number of limitations will be set to the free plan starting today.

  • The number of users is now limited to 5 people, and the «invite guests» options will no longer be available.

  • The option of limiting visibility of new tasks and comments is now removed.

Why we did that

We have created a Free plan option for smaller teams that just start their businesses and learn about project management. However, using the «hide tasks» and «Guest» options, some organizations with more than 100 people and 1000 of tasks in their accounts used the Free plan. We believe that our service is quite useful, and such organizations are capable to pay the commercial rate, as most of our clients do.

Who was transferred to the commercial rates

Accounts using the Free plan that have more than five users were transferred to the «Personal» plan. We offer 14 days to pay for the new plan or reduce the number of users to 5 people and return to the Free plan on your own.

Proposal for a comfortable transition

For all the current users of the Free plan who will switch to one of the commercial plans, we will DOUBLE the first payment. In other words, you are paying $100 and getting another $100 as a bonus from us credited to your account. This will cover the use of service with the Personal plan for almost two years.

Please, note! This offer is only good for 14 days.

Dear friends, we can only develop and make our service better thanks to the commercial plans. We are hoping for your kind understanding and support in this matter.

Worksection team

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