Briefly about Worksection

How Worksection can help

Worksection is a project management system that helps you easily organize your team's work on tasks and projects. An intuitive interface with Gantt Chart, Kanban, Project Dashboard, built-in timer, integrations, internal chats and other tools will help keep all tasks under control.

An account is created by one employee (Owner) who invites team members to the account. Invitation will be sent via email with a link to the account. Just follow the link, create a login and password and get started.

If necessary, the Owner or Administrator with the appropriate rights can change your role and expand or reduce your rights and access to information.

Worksection structure:

  • The Worksection account consists of departments and teams to whom projects and tasks are assigned.
  • Projects can be created by employees with the rights of Owner and Administrator. Employees with User and Guest rights cannot create projects on their own, but only take part in the projects to which they have been invited.
  • All «project teams» consist of people who were invited to your Worksection account.
  • Employees can participate in several projects simultaneously. According to the permissions granted to them, they can see only those projects in which they participate.
  • Each project consists of tasks. Tasks are divided into subtasks (2 levels of nesting) and include manager, team, deadlines, priorities, labels, files and discussion threat.
  • There can be only one Responsible person for the task, but the team of co-performers is unlimited.

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