Russia's war against Ukraine!

On February 24, 2022, russia, with the support of the republic of Belarus, started a new phase of the war against Ukraine. Their troops are destroying our cities, bombing residential areas, public infrastructure, hospitals, and kindergartens.

Our team ensures the smooth operation of Worksection and continues to develop the service.

We made it free for volunteer and humanitarian organizations. If necessary, we will tell you how to get started quickly.

Accounts from russia have been blocked and we do not plan to resume work there. Instead, we develop new markets and cooperate with companies from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and other European countries. But it requires significant financial and human resources from our small team.

Support us by telling your colleagues (architects, marketers, designers, lawyers, etc.) from other countries about our service. Send a link to our site, and we will be happy to advise them.

To keep the team and enter the new markets, we renewed the fee for our service and disabled the "+7 days free" button, which has been available since the first day of the full-scale war. Instead, we offer discounts of 10 to 30% for long-term payments.

Follow our updates on the website and social networks.

Forward to Victory!
Glory to the Armed Forces!

Worksection Team

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