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It's simple
Keep your hand on the pulse of your business
Monitor your company’s activities and client feedback
Complete your projects on time
Get project data summaries in a convenient format
Keep workloads under control
Lists of important and overdue tasks are always readily available
Manage your tasks with comfort and convenience
Control your team’s resource
Discuss your tasks with the client
Invite your team and the client to work on a task
Keep your files and documents in one place
Work with your documents and images conveniently
Don’t miss important deadlines
All key events
Plan and manage
Convenient planning using the Gantt chart
Team and contact management
Invite people to do work together here

How my company can use Worksection?

Every member of your team will be happy. And your clients also.

Project and task management

Split your affairs into projects, tasks and subtasks.
Create timelines and define your priorities.

Planning and controlling

The calendar and Gantt chart will assist your planning through visual control. Reports and reminders will make forgetting tasks next to impossible.

Team organization

Split your team into groups, name administrators and owners. Invite clients and partners to particular groups.

You can fully run your business using Worksection. It makes controlling easy, frees your mind, saves you precious time and protects you from unnecessary stress.

Fedor Yanyshev CEO

Before using Worksection, we tried different options of Basecamp and Megaplan. However, we chose nothing else but this service. It has become a lot easier to track work of the employees and manage business processes and set priorities.

Flexible interface

Each user can personalize their Workstation to show only the tasks and events they are involved in.

Scheduled processes

Routine tasks can easily be made recurring within the interface. Daily work plans and daily reports will help your team maintain a common ground.

Spend monitoring

Users can log how much time or money they spent on their tasks. For 100% accuracy – just use the timer.

Your team members will be aware of their tasks, priorities and deadlines. Our service gives your team structure and speeds up communication.

Victor Antonov Art-director

We have both local and distant employees. We taught the staff to work the following way: all tasks go through Worksection. If you or your subordinates get tasks outside of the system - everyone is ignoring. It resulted in everyone's getting used to that.

Segmented access

Your client won’t see the spend figures and the project’s “underbelly”.

You can also hide any task, comment or contact from your client.

Client companies and team members

You can add several client companies and contractors to each project. The client, in turn, can add executives to the project and assign tasks to them.

It’s easier for the client to remember what they want!

All your work can be recorded in the comments which saves you time and makes teamwork much more efficient.

Your client can set tasks, comment on them and monitor their execution. A transparent relationship is guaranteed to boost your sales.

Alexandr Danilov Project manager

Along with other companies we tried many different systems to work with the projects and clients. Worksection turned out to be the best. It is truly the system that is convenient and easy to understand, but at the same time functional system allowed us significantly improve the performance of our work Our cients started to receive current information about the project and feedback.

Our clients

Safe and secure

SSL-encryption, a choice of two data centers (Germany, Ukraine). Back-ups. Option to connect to your own FTP server.

Efficient and competitive

Unbeatable prices! Unlimited number of users. Free accounts, vacation mode and large discounts for long-term purchases.

Mobile and multi-language

Available on any device, anywhere in the world thanks to a responsive design. Multiple languages available.

Easy and user-friendly

Worksection’s interface is simple and convenient – even a beginner can use it with ease. It also includes automatic updates. We offer unmatched customer support, our response time is always under 30 minutes.

Plans and prices

Number of usersPeople
Number of active projectsProjects
File storageFiles, Gb
Gantt chartGantt
Time trackingTime
FTP storageFTP
PROAccount on your domainYour domain
PROSSL encryptionSSL
PROReserved copyBackup












no charge
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Projects managed
over 100.000
Notifications sent
over 50.000.000
Comments writed
Helped over
12.500 companies
Tasks done
over 1.000.000
Users in system
over 50.000
Uploaded over
2.000.000 files
Now at progress
over 50.000 projects

Over 12000 companies using Worksection to organize projects

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